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by Sean Martu

Hi my name is Sean Martu and thanks for visiting my blog, I’m really excited, superbly motivated  & focused about this writing venture. 

We’ve all seen it and most of us have experienced it. Literally, the whole world has been plunged into physically and/or mental ailments. So what’s making us sick? There are numerous worldwide culprits like the GMO & pesticide-laden processed foods we eat, the chemical polluted water we drink, and the polluted air we breathe.

To make things worse when we get sick we typically turn to the pharmaceutical industry, whose drugs then lead us down a long road of addiction and to greater health impediments.

So what do we do about it? We take control of our live’s by taking control of our health, and it begins with the conviction that “Nothing’s Incurable!”.

As a practicing energy healer I understand and see health from multiple dimensions. Health is not just what we physically put in our bodies, but also what subtle energies are in and around us. Unseen energies can negatively affect ones physical and mental health just as much as malnutrition and harmful pathogens.

From my personal experience and research I’m convinced that there’s something simple in nature like a root, a leaf or a mineral that can reverse any condition in the human body and spirit. It’s really just about finding it.

This blog is about exposing all the knowledge I’ve discovered and continue to discover on using simple things in nature to tackle our most dreaded health and spiritual ailments!

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