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Learn How to activate the Chakras

by Sean Martu
Chakras bija sounds

Before you can activate the chakras, you must first have a complete understanding of what they are,  and also how to unblock the energy channels leading to the chakras. Once this is done, you can then start the process of activation.

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The chakras energy and swirling motion increases by a particular sound known in Sanskrit as a Bijamantra. Each Bijamantra is a one-syllable sound that is either uttered verbally or sounded within the mind.

Three rules to activating Chakras

1. Do not attempt this practice after sex or an exhaustive workout or after eating a large meal. You want to be full of vigor and have an empty stomach so you can take deep breaths.

2. Find a place of practice free from noise and possible disturbances.

3.Sit comfortably on a chair, the ground, or better yet on a yoga cushion with your spine, neck, and head erect in a straight line. The most important thing is to be comfortable. If you can ground energetically with the earth by sitting on grass or under a tree or at the beach facing the water even better.

The seed sounds

1st    Muladhara “LAM”

2nd  Svadhisthana “VAM”

3rd   Manipura  “RAM”

4th   Anahata  “YAM”

5th   Vishuddha  “HAM”

6th   Ajna   “OM”

The activation process

After you sit down comfortably, close your eyes halfway and cast your eyes downward to the same plane as the point of your nose. Then take a few deep breathes and empty your mind of thoughts, if rogue thoughts pop up ignore them.

Before you start, the key to activating this energy is not just the sound, but you must also put your attention in a focused but gentle manner on the sound.

The reasoning behind this is where ever the mind goes prana follows, so when the mind becomes focused, prana becomes concentrated power.

Starting with the 1st chakra, take a deep breath and sound the Bija with a long “LLLAAAAAMMM”, lasting about 10 seconds, with your mind gently focused on the sound. Then take a deep breath and repeat the process. Essentially you want to take one breath per utterance, but if can’t do it on one breath do it on two until you work your way to do it on one breathe.

How long you choose to do each Bijamantra is really up to you. I advise to do each Bijamantra for at least 15 minute’s, or however long you can maintain your focus. I wouldn’t go beyond 60 minutes per sitting as your legs can fall asleep and disturb your concentration.

What physical signs to look for?

In my experience in practicing the Bijamantras, I encountered many physical phenomenon characteristic of advanced pranayama practice as described in the Shiva Samhita and Hatha Yoga treatise. After sounding the Bijasound for about 10 minutes, I would first feel a tingling sensation in the chakra region associated with the Bija. After a couple weeks practice I started to feel heat and mild vibrations in the chakra region. I also noticed the stronger the mental focus, the stronger the sensations I felt. As time went on and the energy built up I could feel my aura spinning counterclockwise, I felt as if I was sitting in the middle of a mini tornado.




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