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Align with the Life Force for true Prosperity

by Sean Martu
he life force

Do you seek sacred knowledge? Do you want to heal your body? Do you seek true happiness?  The keys to unlocking all the desires of your heart can be found by aligning oneself with the Life Force that permeates the universe.

So what exactly is the Life Force?

Some ancient texts articulate that the Life Force is qi or prana, a vital energy that permeates the air. Hermetic doctrines speak of the universal mind as the ultimate reality. Theologians profess a God that must be obeyed to be in alignment with everything that is good.

In reality, the Life Force is behind all of these concepts, it’s the power behind qi/prana, it’s what gives life to the mind and fuels one’s imagination to create belief systems and philosophies. But what is the Life Force exactly? It’s a subtle light that is a 1000 times brighter than our sun, we are all rays of this light, it’s our higher self our awakened self. Through deep meditation, one can actually see and experience this light. This light permeates all things, it manifests in all ways imaginable spreading life indiscriminately.

How do we align with the Life Force?

Look at a tree, a river, the ocean, the mountains and the ground beneath your feet. What do they all have in common? They all support life effortlessly. To be more descript they all support ecosystems and micro-ecosystems, none of them exist alone in the world.

There’s only one rule to becoming aligned with the Life Force: That is to be of service to life.

Ok I think I know what some of you are thinking, and no I’m not talking about self-sacrifice, neither am I talking about forking over your earnings to tithe or charity. What I’m talking about has nothing to do with judgment or human social constructs.

5 step process to align with the Lifeforce

Alignment through the mind

Unlearn what you have learned in the sense of limiting beliefs and negative self-perceptions. Know and believe that you are an unlimited pure eternal being, that you are a ray of this eternal subtle light. There is nothing in your chosen incarnation that can sully your true self. All your life experiences are just that, experiences, they are your chosen path of exploration in this 3-dimensional world known as earth.

Alignment through service

Everything in nature is of service. For you to find your bliss and live in harmony you must be of service. If you don’t have a purpose the universe will not have a purpose for you. The universe will, in turn, replace you with something that will be of service to life.

Be like the Giant Sequoias, become a micro-ecosystem unto yourself. Plants flowers, shrubs, and trees, support life on the planet any which way you can. Anywhere you live or spend significant time spread life, give water to living things, pick up wayward trash, feed the stray, feed the birds, allow life to thrive and grow all around you.

Connect with the Earth

It’s of the utmost importance that you ground yourself with the earth, water, and the sun. Allow your bare feet to touch the earth, bathe in the oceans or the rivers and spend time in the sun. By doing this the life force of these three great majesties will nourish you.

Alignment through diet

Drink pure water such as naturally occurring alkaline water, not ionized water. Eat lighter and organic, limit the amount of processed food in your diet. By this your body and spirit will become lighter, allowing the Life Force to move unimpeded through your body and spirit.

Alignment through speech

Speak positive, speak words that give joy, bliss, and peace to yourself and others.

Never throw seeds in the garbage

When you have leftover seeds from fruits or vegetables, throw them in the dirt, a bush or a body of water. Never throw them in the garbage or on the street. Seeds are sacred and without them, there is no life. We must cherish all seeds which are a gift from the universe to sustain and proliferate life.

Being in alignment with the Life Force will open you to powerful experiences of synchronicity. The nature spirits will eventually reveal themselves to you and your spirit guides will become more accessible. Your intuition sharpens and knowledge can be downloaded directly from the higher realms.

Nature, the true mother will embrace you within her hands and protect you like a mother with a newborn babe. Everything in your life will change and you’ll be exposed to a whole new world hidden from the eyes of others.

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