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Amazon.com BANNED my book: How to cure yourself of HIV

by Sean Martu

I find this to be comical, but it’s actually indicative of the dangerous times we live in, of corporate America suppressing alternative health. It’s bad enough that leading American social media sites and search engines have been censoring, deleting, and deeply nesting search results for anything related to alternative health. But now they are banning and censoring books on alternative health!

Although my book has been on Amazon.com for a year, and my book possesses medical references and research articles that elucidate ridding the body of HIV is more or less a simple process using a natural substance, Amazon chose to ban my book from their platform.

I contacted Amazon.com about why they banned my book, and they initially sent me a generic message stating my book goes against their guidelines. But when I pressed them to tell me what exactly in my book goes against their guidelines they claimed they would find what in my book is against their guidelines and they get back to me by email in a few days.

Lo and behold a week later they sent me an almost identical generic message as the initial one and directed me to their initial email, which stated nothing as to what goes against their guidelines.

I sent them another message stating there are at least 5 other books on their platform with the same subject matter(a HIV cure), and why their books have not been removed from Amazon.com’s platform?

Well, it’s been over a month and I have yet to receive a response from Amazon.com.

I find this particularly interesting because those other HIV cure books have been on Amazon.com for years, and oddly enough one of those HIV cure books tells you to connect electrodes to your body to remove HIV believe it or not. But my book actually rids the body of HIV as described in the referenced medical research papers I discovered, yet my book ends up being removed from Amazon.com’s platform.

We are living in dangerous times in America my friends.

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