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How to boost your immune system to be impervious to Viral & Bacterial Infection

by Sean Martu
boost your immune system

It’s actually possible to boost your immune system to not be susceptible to viral and bacterial infections. I kid you not a friend of mine who after boosting her immune system was once stuck in an office all day full of people sick with the flu, and she did not pick up the virus. Personally, I haven’t been sick in years no matter what bacteria or virus I’ve been exposed to. I’ve been able to do this by simply taking one teaspoon of powdered black seeds mixed in water or juice twice a day.

How is this possible you ask? It boils down to an ancient remedy known in Africa and the Middle East, Powdered Black Seeds(Nigella Sativa). See my article “The Magical Properties of Black Seeds“.

Powdered Black Seeds have thousands of research articles on PubMed(United States Library of Medical Research) on its efficacy as a panacea for almost every disease, in particular cancer. See my article on “How to Naturally Cure Cancer“.

One of the underlying effects as to why Powdered Black Seeds can cure so many diseases its ability to increase your immune system by at least 70%. It doe’s this by improving the ratio between helper t-cells and suppressor t-cells by a significant amount while also enhancing the natural killer cell activity. According to the Department of Biological and Medical Research Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, In the field of AIDS research, human clinical trials conducted in 1997 showed that black seed enhanced the ratio between helper T-cell by 55% with a 30% enhancement of NK cell activity. See my article ” Reverse HIV in 6 months using Black Seeds“.

Black seeds have many chemical compounds that work synergistically with each other to do its healing miracles, but its main active compound Thymoquinone is primarily responsible for its immune-boosting abilities. Even more intriguing is Thymoquinone has only been found within Black seeds.

So in the age of all these new infectious diseases much less the Flu which kills 500,000 people per year it’s now more important to boost our immune system to fight these harmful pathogens. See my article “Oil of Oregano defeats the Flu within 24 hours“.

You can buy Organic Black Seeds on my website here, or you can purchase them on my Etsy store WildBlueAlchemyst here.

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