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How to remedy Comedo(widened black heads) with Diatomaceous Earth

by Sean Martu

Once again, another medical condition, comedo, has been deemed incurable by Western Medicine. When in fact it can be remedied, it not only can be remedied but it can be remedied quite easily. Recently, a friend of mine had to deal with this ordeal of comedo, and she detailed to me how to cured herself of the condition which I outline below.

What is Comedo?

When a pore gets clogged, sebum has a difficult time traveling to the surface of the skin as it is meant to. If the oil remains trapped beneath the skin by dead skin cells and other waste, it will begin to accumulate beneath the opening of the pore. This particularly happens a lot in the nose area.

When the debris that is clogging a pore is exposed to gases in the atmosphere, they begin to oxidize, which changes their physical characteristics. This process is what causes blackheads to form. So, it is not necessarily having large pores that cause blackheads, but rather, having clogged pores that are unable to effectively transport sebum oil to the surface of the skin.

What is the Western Medical recommended Treatment?

According to Medical News Today

Treating comedonal acne involves adjusting skin care habits, using medicated creams or gels, and, sometimes, changing the diet.

A skin care routine designed to reduce comedones may involve:

  • washing the face twice daily with a mild soap and lukewarm water to avoid irritation
  • refraining from using skin or hair care products, including cosmetics, that contain oil
  • applying a prescription or over-the-counter topical medication daily

A person may need to use a medication for at least 8 weeks before they can tell whether it has been effective.

Various medicated creams and gels can help reduce excess oil and promote skin cell turnover. An effective medication may contain:

  • adapalene
  • azelaic acid
  • benzoyl peroxide
  • glycolic acid
  • salicylic acid

If a comedonal acne does not respond to the above treatments after several months, the person may benefit from seeing a dermatologist, who may prescribe topical medications called retinoids.

How did my friend treat it?

My friend didn’t tell me she had it initially, she experimented on herself with the Diatomaceous earth she had purchased from me since it previously had cured her of another so-called incurable condition, Dyshidrotic Eczema. She did two things, first, she first made a very fluid poultice of diatomaceous earth and washed her face with it every morning, making sure not to get it into her eyes as diatomaceous earth is very microscopically abrasive. The second thing she did was ingest about a teaspoon of diatomaceous earth stirred in water every morning.

Within a couple of days the magic started to work, she noticed each morning she awoke that the blackheads were disappearing and the widened pores began to shrink until they were no longer visible.

You can purchase a 12oz bag of Food Grade Fresh Water Diatomaceous Earth here on my website or a 1 pound bag of Food Grade Fresh Water Diatomaceous Earth here on my website.

To learn about what Diatomaceous is and what it does, and what grade or type to buy, I recommend that you read this article I wrote, “Everything you need to know about Diatomaceous Earth“.


Necessary internet disclaimer: All information and resources found on Nothingsincurable.com are based on the opinions of the author unless otherwise noted. I am not a doctor nor do I have any medical training, all information is intended to motivate readers to make their own nutrition and health decisions after consulting with their health care provider. The author of this site encourages you to consult a doctor before making any health changes, especially any changes related to a specific diagnosis or condition.

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