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Covid nearly Killed me; How did the Hospital ICU treat me and how did I treat myself

by Sean Martu

I recently had a roller coaster ride of a life experience, that would lead me very close to death, but ultimately it lead me to incredible empirical knowledge.

It all started months ago when I decided to make my own french fries at the height of the covid lockdown. But what I didn’t know was it was extremely dangerous to reuse cooking oil. Mind you my thought was economical, I was using about 8 oz of oil just to make my french fries, and I didn’t think anything could be possibly harmful in constantly reusing the oil.

Well, I was dead wrong about that, reusing cooking oil can cause a myriad of health problems, such as an increase in artery-blocking bad cholesterol, creates transfat, acidity, carcinogenic, irritable throat, heart disease, free radicals,  and botulism(Clostridium botulinum) which can cause fatal food poisoning.

So after months of reusing my cooking oil, sometimes I would use the same oil for two weeks at a time, it caught up with me.

I had made some french fries and later that night I woke up with unbearable burning stomach pain and nausea.  I took North American Herbs oil of oregano and diatomaceous earth to kill the bacteria and potential viruses that were now in my stomach from the oil I ingested. I barely ate anything the next few days, as anything I ate would cause my stomach to become inflamed. But after the third day, I felt strong enough to go to the gym.

Now I have a protocol for empowering my immune system to protect me from covid or any other virus, I take 2 teaspoons of raw organic camu-camu powder every day having at least 750mg of “real” whole complex vitamin C in it, not GMO ascorbic acid. This was working for me, as I never became sick with anything for as long as I was following this protocol.

So I went to the gym, though I barely had enough strength to lift the heavy weights that I do weekly, but I was able to do it. When I got home later in the evening I developed a cough that would not go away, it felt like I was trying to rip something off of my throat that would not come off, and this went on for two nights.

I could barely sleep.

Over the next few days, I started to have problems breathing, not inhaling or exhaling, but like shortness of breath. Just walking was a struggle, any type of physical exertion felt like I wanted to collapse.

I also lost my sense of smell, but not totally so I didn’t think it was covid. I could still smell slightly opened bottles of essential oil. But I used North American Herbs  Sinu-orega, and I got back my sense of smell the following day.

It was almost as if something was affecting my mind so I wouldn’t see the obvious, that I had been infected by covid.

My health became progressively worse as I was now coughing up thick patches of blood every morning.

My friend had called me, and she said I probably had covid, but I immediately dismissed her, as I was convinced the protocol I was taking protected me. She became scared because I sounded deathly over the phone so without my knowledge, she called an ambulance to come to my house.

When the first responders arrived they did all of the typical vital checks including listening to my lungs, and everything checked out to be normal. This confused me as I told them I had issues breathing, but they said according to their instruments my lungs were getting full oxygen capacity.

Urgent Care

So the next morning I went to urgent care, I refused to do a covid test as I was adamant that I did not have covid, I also refused to do a chest X-ray, as I was paying cash. So the doctor had limited information and prescribed me an antibiotic Z-Pack(azithromycin), which coincidently had been used in covid treatment.

The Z-Pack was a 5-day dosage, and I don’t know if I was imagining things, but it seemed like I was slightly getting better, although I couldn’t say how.

My 1st stay at the Hospital Emergency Room

I was still coughing blood every morning, and periodically through the day. I also developed a sharp pain in my right lung that I would feel when breathing.

After I had finished the Z-pack, I gave it two extra days to see if I would improve, which did not happen. So I decided to go to the Emergency Room at my local hospital.

I have a serious syringe phobia, and the ER doctor wanted to draw blood and I said no, but they did do a covid test, and they did do a CT scan. The ER doctor warned me that without the blood test, and doing a CT scan with Iodine(though an IV), which enables them to have a more detailed look at my lungs, that she was unable to properly diagnose me.

She discharged me as having Pneumonia and prescribed me levofloxacin. I immediately went to CVS pharmacy to pick up the antibiotic, but when they told me the  $250 price tag, I decided to try the Publix pharmacy the next day. Good thing I did because it cost $15 at Publix pharmacy.

Two days after I left the ER I felt progressively worse, I woke up a few times that night because I had stopped breathing. But in the morning I got a call informing me that my covid test came back positive. I could barely breathe or walk, and when I did any exertion I felt a stabbing pain in my right lung I knew I had to go back to the ER.

I was shocked at the news, but I didn’t panic, I was trying to understand how I contracted this virus.

Then I realized that whether you go the natural route or western medicine, you still have to have a robust functioning immune system for these medicines to work. When I went to the gym, even though I had been taking the camu-camu, my immune system was compromised because of my ingesting the re-used oil causing me near-fatal food poisoning. Not only that but the oil had been gradually weakening my immune system over the months.

Think of an AIDS patient, it is not HIV that kills the patient, but regular infections that antibiotics or antifungals can mitigate. But the antibiotics and antifungals cannot save you if your immune system is not or barely functioning. This is what happened to me, ao when I went to the gym in the weak state I was in, I contracted covid.

My 2nd stay at the Hospital Emergency Room

Before I left to the ER I packed my gym bag with raw unprocessed honey, powdered black seeds(nigella sativa), a bottle of 5000 IU vitamin D, about 2 ounces of camu-camu, and my sinu-orega nasal spray.

Everyone I know whether a youtube follower or people I know who has contracted covid who has asked me how to clear the virus, I told all of them to use wild-harvested Mediterranean Oil of Oregano(origanum vulgare), and to take 9 drops under the tongue 3 times a day. Every one of them cleared covid in 3 days.

The difference is they all had mild to moderate covid, I had life-threatening covid, which is a whole different can of worms.

So I went into the ER at about 4 PM on Thanksgiving on Nov 28, 2021. When I arrived at the hospital I nearly called them to wheel-chair me to the front entrance, as I believed I could not do it, but I gathered strength and I did it.

I told them my name and that my covid test came back positive this morning, and they immediately wheel-chaired me in a room, I didn’t even wait 10 minutes.

Now I had to let them stick me with syringes and IVs. They put an IV in each arm, drew about 5 vials of blood, and took me back to the CT scan room, but this time they did the scan with the iodine flowing through the IV.

Once they had done those tests the ER doctor came into my room and told me they were going to admit me to the intensive care unit(ICU). He then proceeded to tell me that I have life-threatening covid and that they were going to treat me with monoclonal antibodies.

Then the ICU surgeon came into my room and told me that I had blood clots all over my lungs, which now made sense as to why I could not breathe, the oxygen could not be transported into my blood. While he was talking they were doing this 20-minute long heart test on me, and he told me that if the blood clots had moved to my heart that they would have to do an immediate surgical procedure to remove them, or I could die at any moment.

I just looked at him and said I am not doing that, he looked at me crazy and asked me if I had any questions, and I said no.

The woman doing my heart test told me that everyone in the ER was scared because they thought I was going to die from my visual condition and from the results of my CT scan.

How did they medically treat me in ICU?

They moved me to the second floor ICU into a private room, they attached all kinds of monitoring equipment to me and put me on a 24/hr anti-blood clot serum through my IV. My left arm IV was used for the blood clot medicine, the other arms IV they used to inject me or draw blood.

What happened next scared the hell out of me, but was also very interesting.

They didn’t give me monoclonal antibodies as stated, or remdesivir.

This is what they gave me daily:

  • 1.5 grams of ascorbic acid(vitamin C) every 6 hours through my IV
  • 10,000 IUs of VItamin D
  • Melatonin(they claimed it had anti-covid activity)
  • zinc sulfate
  • blood thinners

Why this scared the hell out of me is because in 2020 at the height of covid, if you had posted a news article on Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook, stating hospitals were treating severe life-threatening covid patients with ascorbic acid and/or vitamin D, they would take down your post claiming it to be fake news. But in 2021, at a major hospital in Florida, this is exactly how they treated me. See my article on how social media conglomerates are censoring Alternative Medicine, especially relating to covid, and also how Google is invested in vaccine Biomedical corporations.

How did I treat myself while in ICU?

I felt like a cyborg in ICU as I was connected to so many advanced machines. I decided against using oil of oregano(origanum vulgare) to clear the virus because I had read conflicting information on my phone while in the ICU stating that it could potentially interfere with the blood thinner medicine.

So I decided to use the powdered Black Seeds mixed with raw unprocessed organic honey.  Even though I had no experience clearing covid with black seeds I was not concerned. I had previously written an article elucidating how powdered black seeds used with honey had been used in clinical trials, posted on medRxiv, to clear mild to moderate covid in 3 days, and life-threatening hospitalized covid in 7 days.

So I decided to take 1 teaspoon of powdered black seeds with 1 teaspoon of raw honey and also 1400mg of raw organic camu-camu 3 times a day, morning, noon, and night.

To determine the amount of powdered black seeds and honey  was going to take, I based it on  medRxiv clinical trial formula of 1 gm/kg/day of honey and 80 mg/kg/day of Nigella sativa.

How I recovered

They were taking X-rays every 12 hours if I remember correctly, but after 24 hours they took me off of the IV blood thinners, the nurse said I no longer needed it, so they started to inject in my stomach blood thinners every 6 hours. I didn’t move off of the bed except once to go to the bathroom, and I was so weak I was barely able to do that.

As I previously stated they were drawing multiple vials of blood every six hours. Miraculously the following day, they took me out of ICU, they didn’t move me into a non-ICU room as they had none available.

Then on Saturday morning the ICU surgeon came to check on me and stated they were going to discharge me later on in the afternoon. I actually disagreed with this, as I could still barely move, but I no longer felt the pain in my lungs, and I had stopped coughing up blood.

I asked them to do a covid test on me before I was discharged, and they refused, saying it was impossible for me to have cleared mild to moderate much less life-threatening covid in that amount of time.

Discharge from the Hospital

So I was literally on my deathbed when I came to the ER and was put in ICU on the 28th of Nov.  Then I was discharged on Nov 30, barely 47 hours later. They gave me a document with the above-stated regimen to continue while I was in the ICU, but I had to drive to another hospital location to pick up a 30 day prescription for blood thinners.

I was nowhere near the dastardly state I was in on Thanksgiving day, but I was still very weak and was struggling to walk and breathe somewhat. I could barely walk from my car to the hospital pharmacy, and it was hard to stand in one place.

As soon as I arrived home I scheduled a PCR test first thing Monday morning.

My recovery

So I had taken the powdered black seeds with the honey, and also the camu-camu,  for 3 full days before I had taken my PCR test on Monday. The test came back negative. But even more miraculous, every day I woke up I felt 100% better than the previous day.

On Tuesday night I had a spiritual vision that I need to eat golden-colored apples. The only apples I found were organic opal apples, coincidently these apples do not brown as quickly as other apples, meaning they are super high in anti-oxidants. But later in the week, I discovered that all apples were ranked in the top three foods in rutin content. Unbelievably, rutins main activity within the body is anticoagulant(prevents blood clots). It has also been found that the amount of rutin found in apples has a comparable therapeutic effect as does the leading blood thinner heparin.

So each following day even I could not believe how well I was recovering, it was as if the angels were shining unseen healing rays into my body. Even though my PCR test came back negative, I did not stop the regimen I was taking of black seeds, honey, and camu-camu.

I felt so good I had planned to go to the gym the following Friday, but I chose not to. I thought to myself I need at least 7 full days to allow my body to recuperate from 3 weeks of hell on earth I had just experienced. So I went to the gym on Tuesday, 10 full days after being released from the hospital.

Now when I go to the gym I power lift, I don’t joke around, and I also punch the boxing bag. I did all of this, even while wearing a mask. I attacked the weights the same way I did before I got sick, but I didn’t have the same stamina, but I was able to do the same weight, reps, and sets that I could previously do.

As I am writing this article, it has been 3 1/2 weeks since I left the hospital. I can honestly tell you I haven’t felt this good in years. I know a lot has to do with not ingesting the reused oil, as I had been doing for months, but also because I realized I was ingesting way too much processed sugar, which was eliminated from my diet while I was sick, but I am going to leave that for another blog post.

According to this article on Medical News Today, most hospitalized covid patients continue to have symptoms a year after discharge.

Previous studies have shownTrusted Source that cognitive and physical deficits persist at least 6 months after discharge in people hospitalized with acute COVID-19. Moreover, there is considerable variation in the severity of symptoms and their persistence at 6 months post-discharge in these individuals.

However, there are limited data tracking differences in the recovery of people with the disease over longer durations after discharge.

A recent study from the Post-Hospitalization COVID-19 (PHOSP-COVID) group characterized the physical and mental health impairments at 5 and 12 months after discharge in individuals previously hospitalized with acute COVID-19.

The study found that less than 30% of patients felt that they had fully recovered at 12 months post-discharge. Factors, such as being female, having obesity, and requiring mechanical ventilation, during initial illness with COVID-19 were associated with more severe health impairments after 12 months.

But I am fully functional after 10 days of being discharged.

What am I doing now to protect myself from covid?

Even though I was daily ingesting 2 teaspoons of camu-camu, and it protected me from being infected by covid for two years. I do not believe this protocol is strong enough especially for the newer more deadly and infectious covid variants that are here and are to come. So now what I take is 1 teaspoon of camu-camu, 1 teaspoon of powdered black seeds, and 1 teaspoon of raw unprocessed organic honey twice daily. I also eat at least one opal apple a day.

Also worth mentioning is I take zinc sulfate and 20,000 IUs of vitamin D3 every day.






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Light March 22, 2022 - 11:18 pm

Acrylamide is a substance that forms through a natural chemical reaction between sugars and asparagine, an amino acid, in plant-based foods – including potato and cereal-grain-based foods. Acrylamide forms during high-temperature cooking, such as frying, roasting, and baking. In research studies, high levels of acrylamide caused cancer in laboratory animals, but the levels of acrylamide used in these studies were much greater than those found in human food. The FDA monitors levels of this contaminant in certain foods because of its potential to affect human health.

Karin Campos May 6, 2022 - 12:02 pm

Could someone please help me with the following:
Fatty liver And candida, possible gall stones. Bottom line, SO BLOATED AND NAUSEOUS AND MOSTLY CONSTIPATED. way over weight. Help!!!

Lea Hawk May 11, 2022 - 1:40 pm

Although zinc is amazing..you need research about Zinc ,itl removes copper from your body

Kristos May 14, 2022 - 3:35 am

Thank you for sharing your story. I was beginning to feel like a weak person or a “pussy” because Ive been sick for 7 days. It feels really strange. Like a sickness ive never had before but now I know I just need to fight. Like really fight if im going to beat this any time soon.

Thank you for the hope and allowing me to realize I need to take this fighting seriously if Im to come back 100% in a timely manner.

Sean Martu
Sean Martu May 14, 2022 - 3:54 am

oh yes, long covid is not joke, or covid period.

MonicaJ March 1, 2023 - 5:55 pm

I was diagnosed with Covid Sept. of 2021 and was in the hospital for 2 weeks, 8 or 9 of the days in ICU, on 2 different types of oxygen, I thought for sure I was going to die. My lungs still don’t feel back to normal as far a breathing capacity and I am just now feeling like the brain fog is getting better. Covid is very scary.

Sean Martu
Sean Martu March 1, 2023 - 6:00 pm


Nilda April 20, 2023 - 9:44 pm

This story among other articles you have written are very inspiring! I had COVID for the first time in July of 2022. I can honestly say that I was very lucky not to have gotten it as bad as you did & others considering I smoke. Going to try the black seeds to quit smoking. Did your two friends who quit smoking smoke while taking the black seed or they only did the black seed?

Becky August 24, 2023 - 3:54 am

I have IC leaky gut sibo a list of other things want do a cleanse what do I recommend ?

Sean Martu
Sean Martu August 24, 2023 - 3:59 am

Read my articles on diatomaceous Earth and jarrow’s saccharomyces boulardi


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