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The importance of Deep Breathing in your healing process

by Sean Martu

Many people overlook the importance of oxygen and qi in the healing process.

It has been proven that an increase in oxygen levels in blood increases helps to reduce swelling, controls infection, and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels. Pure oxygen therapy can also be used to treat diabetic and ulcerative wounds, compromised skin grafts, radiation therapy injuries and chronic bone infections.

In the PubMed article “Oxygen in wound healing and infection” it states “Continuous supply of oxygen to the tissue through microcirculation is vital for the healing process and for resistance to infection. Evaluation of tissue perfusion and oxygenation is important in all types of wound patients…….Oxygen therapy is important in relation to both healing and resistance to infections. External factors have been shown to significantly decrease the peripheral oxygen supply, and supplementary perioperative oxygen to reduce the surgical wound infection rate by one- half in patients undergoing colorectal resection. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be beneficial in situations where the nutritive flow and oxygen supply to the healing tissue are compromised by local injury, and particularly if anaerobic infection is present. ………It can be concluded that adequate delivery of oxygen to the wound tissue is vital for optimal healing and resistance to infection. ”

This only represents the physical importance of deep breathing, but more important than oxygen is the subtle life-force behind it qi.

What is Qi?

Qi a term regularly used in Chinese Traditional Medicine as well as ancient Chinese Spiritual Practices such as Qigong & Tai qi states that qi is the life force that sustains all life in the universe. But that primordial qi morphs into many different types of qi.  There is the primordial qi that arises at the union of sperm and egg, the daily qi nourished by what we eat and drink and how we move, the surface qi (wei qi) that guards us against invading pathogens, and qi unique to different organs and systems. So with the increase of qi, your health, longevity, and youth will be extended and maintained.

What if you cannot breathe deep

Typically if you have this problem you have candida overgrowth and intestinal parasites or a  B12 deficiency. Candida not only takes up space in your intestines, but it will hinder nutrient absorption such as B12. A B12 deficiency causes shortness of breath, but candida can also steal your breath. If you have candida overgrowth and want to get rid of it read this article “Everything you need to know about Diatomaceous Earth“.

How to deep breathe?

Well, this is really simple, you can just lie down or sit down and breathe deeply for a few minutes or however long you can do it. It actually seems easy until you do it for the first time, then you realize it’s not that simple. You can also go the more difficult route by practicing Buddhist breathing or Qigong breathing. Buddhist breathing is sitting comfortably and gently expanding your lower abdomen with inhalation and contracting with exhalation. In Qigong, it’s the same procedure except expand the chest with inhalation and contract with exhalation. So try both techniques and see which one you feel most comfortable with.

Personally I prefer the Qigong breathing to the Buddhist technique.

What to expect?

When I first started the practice I noticed a huge increase in my energy, as well as improvement in mental clarity. It became much easier to intensely focus on things. As I became stouter in my practice I started to sense its effect on my subtle body, my dantians(internal energy centers), meridians, energy points, and chakras became more fluid and flowing. I also noticed if I focused on my breath my consciousness moved out from outer awareness to inner awareness, which fine-tuned my spiritual sight.

I also became less affected by the daily events in the outer world, things that would normally agitate me no longer bothered me.



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