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Use Diatomaceous Earth to cure gum disease, whiten your teeth and get rid of cavities!

by Sean Martu
Diatomaceous Earth for herpes

Even though I’ve been using Diatomaceous earth(DE) for around 10 months this panacea from heaven still has me speechless. DE is the fossil remains of diatoms, a microscopic organism that spouted oxygen in the oceans and the atmosphere to allow life to thrive and proliferate. To learn more about Diatomaceous earth see my article here.

Since I publicized my personal experiences with DE on youtube I’ve had many of my viewers testify of the miraculous effects of ingesting DE.  Unbelievably some have become cancer-free in 3 weeks from stage 4 colon cancer and skin cancer.

DE is microscopically very abrasive almost like diamonds, but to the touch, it just feels like powder. Off-topic, if you have yellowing on your car head-lights just put some DE in water, dip and wet a cloth with it and rub the yellowing off, your headlights will look brand new within a few minutes.

I’ve tried to experiment with DE in many different ways and one day I just tried brushing my teeth with it. I just dipped my toothbrush in the DE and dry brushed my teeth, my saliva eventually created a paste. When I was done my teeth felt smoother and cleaner than when I used to get quarterly teeth cleanings done at my dentist. After doing this for a week I couldn’t believe how different my mouth felt, my teeth were pearly white, and my gums felt really tight.

I used to have this air pocket in the upper left quadrant of my gums which would periodically collect bacteria causing these extremely annoying sharp pains. It almost felt like a cavity but it wasn’t. Typically if I applied wild harvested oil of oregano in the air pocket it would kill the bacteria and I would get relief for a few weeks before it started again. But since I started brushing with DE the air pocket closed so bacteria can no longer congregate up there.

I created a youtube video about my experience and what some of my youtube followers reported was incredible. These are some of the testimonies: gum diseases disappeared, receding gums starting to grow back, a loose tooth was no longer loose, surface cavities disappearing.

See my article on “Everything you need to know about Diatomaceous Earth“. You can purchase DE on my website here.

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Scott March 28, 2021 - 2:18 am

Hi Sean
Is this product made from shellfish? you mentioned it is a soft powder BUT “is microscopically very abrasive almost like diamonds,” is it tough on your teeth? how does it affect blood pressure?
i am using a test sample for my gum disease, tell you more if it heals me 🙂 😉 😉



F February 6, 2022 - 11:40 pm

Did you say “drink good beer” or something else when mentioning supplements.


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