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Dissolve Uterine Fibroids with Prekese

by Sean Martu

It’s just by chance, by word of mouth actually, that I found out about prekese, also known as Aidan, a simple fruit that can dissolve uterine fibroids. All around the world, there are little-known local indigenous plants and herbs that have incredible healing properties. Many of these plants have been secreted away by local healers or are only known locally.

Prekese, botanically known as Tetrapleura tetraptera, is a species of flowering plant. Prekese trees thrive in secondary forests and rainforests, but they can also be found in savanna woodlands and occasionally African plains from across West Africa, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Angola, and Tanzania. It has been used for centuries for inhibiting bacterial growth, improving asthma, and promoting blood flow. Prekese is rich in antioxidant phytochemicals and nutrients like potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, calcium, and vitamin C. When consumed regularly, it has been said to help with diabetes and blood glucose levels, hypertension, providing essential postpartum nutrients that restore blood loss, produce breast milk, and dissolve uterine fibroids.

Previously I only knew about calcium d-glucarate, but this substance would only block harmful estrogen that promotes uterine fibroid growth. Calcium d-glucarate could shrink fibroids and hinder their growth, but not remove them. The problem with Uterine fibroids is they can either be caused by estrogen dominance, or hyperinsulinemia, which is in turn caused by insulin resistance, or both.

I have a friend who’s had fibroids since 2017, she was scheduled for fibroid surgery but canceled the surgery once she saw that the calcium d-glucarate shrunk the fibroids, and relieved her worst symptoms. Her symptoms would worsen if she did not take the calcium d-glucarate.

So I told her about prekese and she started taking it, she made a tea of it after cutting a couple of the fruits apart and boiling them twice a day. A little over a month later, she no longer could feel the fibroids, and she had no fibroid symptoms for the first time since 2017, she decided to do an ultrasound. In each of her previous ultrasounds, the fibroids had continued to become larger with each ultrasound result. This ultrasound revealed fewer fibroids than in her previous 3 ultrasounds, of the fibroids that remained, they had been reduced in size. She was elated about the ultrasound results, as was I.

You can get prekese on my website, or find it in African food stores.

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