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Forgiving is the key to Happiness and Prosperity!

by Sean Martu

I know the moment some people see the title of this blog post “Forgiving..”, they’ll immediately reject the premise of it. Most people will hear that little inner voice saying, “I can never forgive so and so for that, no way, I can never let go of what this person did to me.”

But forgiving is not what you think it is.

Forgiveness is not facing someone and proclaiming I forgive you, nor is it begging some mythological god to forgive you for sins.

Forgiveness is release, it’s life’s true freedom. When you don’t forgive not only are you carrying around a mental prison, but you’re also energetically bound to that person or event.

An important universal law to know is that where ever your attention goes the creative energy of the Universe flows.

Meaning you are a creator, where ever or whatever your attention goes to your qi/prana creative energy flows to it also. So when you hold on to negative past events, you are actually feeding them with the energy it needs to be recreated in your life, without doubt, it will happen again and it will continue to happen over and over again until you learn to release. Not letting go of the negative past can also cause internal qi energy stagnation which will lead to disease in the mind and body, but once you let go you will surely see these ailments disappear.

So all you need to do is let it go, it doesn’t matter what happened in the past nor are you condoning whatever it is that happened. But you’re letting it go because of a greater and higher understanding of Universal law. Once you’ve released your consciousness from these chains, you will start to notice everything around being brighter more beautiful, you will have a deeper appreciation for the simpler things in life.  Then you can truly have meaningful fulfilling relationships with nature and others and start to enjoy life.






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