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Miami woman discovers Fountain of Youth!

by Sean Martu
fountain of youth

The Fountain of Youth, a legend or potential reality depending on the source of the tale. According to Spanish sources they assert that the Taino Indians of the Caribbean spoke of a magic fountain and rejuvenating river that existed somewhere north of Cuba.

A native Miamian Annette Larkins who is in her 70’s but looks like she is in her 40’s may have just found it.

Did she find some magical fountain? Not really but Annette Larkins is a raw vegan which has apparently made her disease free and free from degenerative aging. Which is miraculous being both her mother and her grandmother died of breast cancer before their 50th birthdays, and diabetes runs rampant in her family.

Raw vegans are an offshoot of vegans, they don’t heat their food because heat application destroys the enzymes and nutrients in food. Some within the raw vegan diet even proclaim that Jesus preached and promoted the raw vegan lifestyle by way of The Gospel of Peace, an apparent “lost” gospel reputed found in the secret Vatican library and published by nineteenth-century Edmond Bordeaux Szekely.

But Anette Larkins isn’t any ordinary raw vegan, Larkins doesn’t bankrupt her debit card at whole foods nor plies the weekends at farmers markets. Larkins actually grows much of her own food in her back yard, everything from sprouts, broccoli to mung beans, literally whatever she can plant. She also collects rainwater and makes gallons of juice from pineapples, sugarcane, and homegrown wheatgrass. 

From my perspective, it’s obvious that the further we move away from GMO’s, industrialization of food and processed food the more we come in line with everlasting health of body mind and spirit.

Larkins also maintains her own website where she has her video interviews and an online store of her books, videos & guides.

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