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GMO corn linked to rat cancer

by Sean Martu
I love how the war against humanity is being fought on fields people are not even aware of. Well, in reality, with GMO labeling laws in the European Union, and countries like China and Russia, “humanity” really boils down to “Americans” per see, and the developing countries where the American good manufacturers dump their food.

Monsanto, the infamous “Agent Orange” GMO monstrosity of a Bio-engineering company that has been economically enslaving farmers around the world with GMO crops, as well as poisoning the world with their Frankenstein food. They literally have their money in the pockets of almost all elected and non-elected officials within the US government and so-called scientists who will proliferate their propaganda and redacted data.

So it’s no surprise that when according to NBC News, Reed Elsevier’s  Food and Chemical Toxicology today fulfilled its threat to retract a controversial paper claiming that genetically modified (GM) maize(corn) causes serious disease including cancer in rats after the authors refused to withdraw it.

Reed Elsevier’s  Food and Chemical Toxicology which published the study by the French researcher Gilles-Eric Seralini in September 2012, stated that the retraction was because the study’s “small” sample size meant no definitive conclusions could be reached.

Oh, so the Monsanto “puppets”  within  Food and Chemical Toxicology don’t like the “sample size” of the research, If this doesn’t have Monsanto’s money all over it, I don’t know what does.

According to the Monsanto “puppets”-

Ultimately, the results presented — while not incorrect — are inconclusive, and therefore do not reach the threshold of publication for Food and Chemical Toxicology.”

Within weeks of Gilles-Eric Seralini’s research appearance within the peer-reviewed journal, more than 700 scientists had signed an online petition calling on Seralini to release all the data from his research. Seralini agreed and supplied all material that was requested by the editor-in-chief.

The journal said that, while it had received many letters expressing concerns about the validity of the findings, the proper use of animals, and even allegations of fraud, its own investigation found “no evidence of fraud or intentional misrepresentation of the data.”

Seralini, who works in Caen with a group called CRIIGEN, the Committee for Research and Independent Information on Genetic Engineering, said the journal’s criticisms of his work were “unacceptable.”

So you’d think that with the incredulous human health implications of Seralinis research, that there would be more research, but the opposite happened, censorship and suppression.

But luckily, in 2014 it was republished without much fanfare in the Environmental Sciences Europe: long-term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize.


Biochemical analyses confirmed very significant chronic kidney deficiencies, forall treatments and both sexes; 76% of the altered parameters were kidney-related.In treated males, liver congestions and necrosis were 2.5 to 5.5 times higher.Marked and severe nephropathies were also generally 1.3 to 2.3 times greater. Infemales, all treatment groups showed a two- to threefold increase in mortality,and deaths were earlier. This difference was also evident in three male groups fedwith GM maize. All results were hormone- and sex-dependent, and the pathologicalprofiles were comparable. Females developed large mammary tumors more frequentlyand before controls; the pituitary was the second most disabled organ; the sexhormonal balance was modified by consumption of GM maize and Roundup treatments.Males presented up to four times more large palpable tumors starting 600 daysearlier than in the control group, in which only one tumor was noted. Theseresults may be explained by not only the non-linear endocrine-disrupting effectsof Roundup but also by the overexpression of the EPSPS transgene or other mutational effects in the GM maize and their metabolic consequences.

Well, it becomes obvious as to why cancer is the second leading cause of death of Americans, piling up 600,000 deaths per year. Only Heart disease outdoes the Cancer morgue count.

Personally, I avoid GMOs like the plague, but I’m not going to let harmful pesticides and herbicides off the hook. From my research, some of these pesticides are just as bad as the GMOs, some are known to be mutagens, carcinogens, reproductive toxicants, or endocrine disruptors and many of them are banned in the European Union and other countries.

So if you eat processed food or love to eat out, you can be sure that what you are eating is tainted with GMOs. The best way to avoid GMOs is to cook organic whole foods at home, unless of course if you don’t care about getting cancer.


Scientific American

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