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How my freind cured her non-functioning autistic child

by Sean Martu

I have a friend, well more like a business associate, and I had mentioned to her the research I had been doing on autism. I mentioned that I had found out that prenatal iodine deficiency causes autism. Then she mentioned she had a vaccine-damaged child who became a non-functioning autistic child. But amazingly, she said she used a regimen of natural products and her female child is now perfectly normal. I had asked her to email exactly what she used and how she used it so I could forward it to another friend I have with a non-functioning autistic child. Then I thought, hey, I should post this on my blog, and I asked her and she said I could. So here it is!


She initially emailed me this-
 I wanted to respond to the article, published on your website about coconut oil and its role in preventing and curing autism and I have an 11-year-old who is vaccine injured and was non-functioning autistic but she is 100% cured and normal and it was through a combination of prayer and supplementation but also, she breast-fed for five years and that provides the same short any medium chain fatty acids as are discussed in the article
I never considered that as being part of her healing, but rather since autistic people are super tasters, it’s hard to get proper nutrition in them, so I did it as long as possible to ensure other nutrients
Newer research points to sulphurofane which I find interesting because for several months when she was three years old, she only ate steamed broccoli and my milk because that’s all she wanted. I give her sulphurofane now that I know how badly she must’ve needed it back then. It definitely can’t hurt.
She is referring to this article I published on using coconut oil to treat autism.
Then she emailed me this below-
First of all, I never saw Autism as God’s plan or anything positive, so I always thanked him for healing it and never accepted it. I always believed she was healed.
When “Jane Doe” was 4-5 years old, she was allowed to eat Garden of Life chewable probiotics throughout the day, as desired. They contain D and ascorbic acid. She went through a bottle every 2-3 days. She also liked curry, so ate turmeric, but her diet was limited, so my breastmilk was important. She also took melatonin nightly, and magnesium.
A little Background on “Jane Doe” who is 11. She has pill fatigue so she has agreed to take only 3 capsules nightly.
Every night I give her one each of the following pills and then I rotate the third one. She also takes 6 mg organic melatonin and 200 mg magnesium, at the same time. She cycles off Melatonin on the weekends.
The first bottle is Mercola Liver Support. The second is NAH&S Nuke Protect. (1 pill each, every night)
These are the ones I rotate, to make up the third pill: North American Herb and Spice Purely E (2 x weekly), Purely Liver (4 x weekly), and Garden of Life Healthy Blood (1 x weekly)
Finally, she takes 3 tinctures nightly: 1 drop iodine/kelp, 1 dropper Secrets of the Tribe mushroom complex, 1 dropper Dr Eric Berg D/K/Zinc/E
Since the D/K contains zinc but not copper, and the mushroom complex lists shitake as the first ingredient, I give her this mostly for the food based copper, but the other benefits are also good. She also gets copper and zinc in the liver, but not a ton.
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