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How to Naturally Reverse Fibromyalgia

by Sean Martu

Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes pain throughout your body in your muscles and joints. It can cause extreme fatigue and memory problems. The “Experts” don’t know what causes fibromyalgia, and the “Experts” claim there’s no cure for it. But The “Experts” will most definitely help you find pharmaceutical “treatments” to help manage your symptoms.

Au contraire mon ami, there is most definitely multiple natural ways to eliminate Fibromyalgia symptoms, which I will elucidate below.

What are fibromyalgia symptoms?

The most common symptoms of fibromyalgia are pain and fatigue, but you may also experience:

  • Muscle pain or tenderness.
  • Fatigue.
  • Face and jaw pain (temporomandibular joint disorders).
  • Headaches and migraines.
  • Digestive problems, including diarrhea and constipation.
  • Bladder control issues.
  • Memory problems ( “fibro fog” or “brain fog”).
  • Anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Insomnia and other sleep disorders.
  • Unusual sensory patterns (sensory dysesthesia)
  • Exercise intolerance

What are the risk factors for fibromyalgia?

  • Age – Fibromyalgia can affect people of all ages, including children. However, most people are diagnosed during middle age and you have a greater chance of being diagnosed with fibromyalgia as you age.
  • Lupus or rheumatoid arthritis – If you have lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, you are more likely to develop fibromyalgia.
  • Gender – Women are twice as likely to have fibromyalgia as men.  
  • Traumatic events – such as adverse childhood experiences, car accidents, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Repetitive injuries – Injury from repetitive stress on a joint, such as frequent knee bending.
  • Illness – such as viral infections.
  • Family history.
  • Obesity.
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Poor mitochondrial function that leads to hypothalamic dysfunction

How do we reverse fibromyalgia?

Trying anyone of the protocols described below or combining anyone of them should be more beneficial.

Vitamin D

Low vitamin D3 has been linked to fibromyalgia, and administering high levels of vitamin D3 has alleviated and in some cases eliminated fibromyalgia symptoms. But before you go high-dosing vitamin D3, you must understand that vitamin D3 utilizes magnesium to convert it to its hormonal form in the liver, kidneys, and the cell vitamin D receptors. So your vitamin D healing experience will only go as far as your body is sufficient in magnesium, and unfortunately, everyone is magnesium deficient. See my article “MAGNESIUM GUIDE: WHICH IS THE BEST FORM OF MAGNESIUM FOR YOU“.

In the research article “Vitamin D in Fibromyalgia: A Causative or Confounding Biological Interplay?” it states –

a prospective cohort study, included 61 vitamin D deficient women from Saudi Arabia suffering from FM and treated them with 50,000 IU ergocalciferol once weekly. 42 of these demonstrated improvement in FM symptoms when 25(OH)D concentrations attained sufficiency (>30 ng/mL) and further improvement of symptom scores when 25(OH)D was >50 ng/mL. In a similar study [70], 30 females with FM from Saudi Arabia and hypovitaminosis D (4.76 ± 1.46 ng/mL) were included in a supplementation study with high doses of vitamin D (600.000 IU i.m. single dose or orally 50,000 IU/week for 8 weeks). Patients were re-evaluated according ACR criteria at follow up one month after treatment with injection, or two months after oral therapy.

Treated patients had significant clinical improvement on multiple aspects of new clinical FM diagnostic criteria [12] apart from cognitive symptoms. However, in addition to the absence of a control group, attained concentrations of 25(OH)D were not available after supplementation…..


Overall, in the field of vitamin D supplementation as a potential therapeutic strategy in FM, several limitations in the available studies complicate arrival at safe clinical conclusions. Most previous studies did not include control groups, or included samples were small with a significant variation in population and climate parameters (seasonal variation, weight, and diet).

The article “Can the Combination of Rehabilitation and Vitamin D Supplementation Improve Fibromyalgia Symptoms at All Ages?” states –

A single-center, observational, comparative study was conducted in 80 fibromyalgia patients. They are randomized into 2 groups: Group A, consisting of patients ≤50 years; and group B, consisting of patients >50 years. Both received weekly supplementation with 50,000 IU cholecalciferol for 3 months in association with a rehabilitation protocol. Patients were assessed at enrollment (T0), 3 months (T1), and 6 months (T2) from the initial assessment with blood vitamin D dosage and administration of rating scales (NRS, FIQ, and SF-12)

Supplementing with high doses of vitamin D in fibromyalgia patients improves the quality of life and pain in the elderly and also the functional capacity in the young.

The above article simply states that after 6 months of supplementation of vitamin D3 of 50,000IU’s a week, fibromyalgia symptoms were alleviated. You can get vitamin D3 5000iu or 10,000iu pills on Amazon.

Vitamin C, E, NIgella Sativa(powdered black seeds)

Ascorbic acid is not Vitamin C. See my article “Why Ascorbic acid is not Vitamin C“.

In the research article “Effect of Vitamins C, E and Nigella sativa Seeds on Antioxidant Activity in Fibromyalgia Patients” it states –

After eight weeks of supplementation with vitamin C (Cecon; 500 mg tablets, Abbot Laboratories)
recommended one tablet daily, vitamin E (Evion;200 mg; capsule Merck pharmaceuticals) recommended one capsule every day and N. sativa (13 mg; 4-5 seeds daily) to each patient. After 8 weeks of supplementation blood samples were again drawn for the analysis. During study patients were not taking any medicine except vitamin C, vitamin E and N. sativa seeds….


It was further observed that after two months supplementation with antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E and Nigella sativa seeds) the level of SOD, GPx and AOC increased and their mean VAS 90.30 +/- 1.52 at baseline decreased to mean VAS of 77.80 +/- 1.65 after supplementation with antioxidants.The antioxidant supplementation for two months resulted in significant improvement in FM patients and it may help in minimizing the effects of the oxidative stress.


This study states that two months of supplementation resulted in significant improvement in fibromyalgia patients and it may help in minimizing the effects of the oxidative stress.

You can get whole complex vitamin C on my website, Vitamin E on Amazon.com, and nigella sativa(powdered black seeds) on my website.

Magnesium & Selenium
Magnesium deficiency worsens fibromyalgia

In the research article “Is magnesium citrate treatment effective on pain, clinical parameters and functional status in patients with fibromyalgia? they found –

Sixty premenopausal women diagnosed with fibromyalgia according to the ACR criteria and 20 healthy women whose age and weight matched the premenopausal women were evaluated. Pain intensity, pain threshold, the number of tender points, the tender point index, the fibromyalgia impact questionnaire (FIQ), the Beck depression and Beck anxiety scores and patient symptoms were evaluated in all the women. Serum and erythrocyte magnesium levels were also measured. The patients were divided into three groups. The magnesium citrate (300 mg/day) was given to the first group (n = 20), amitriptyline (10 mg/day) was given to the second group (n = 20), and magnesium citrate (300 mg/day) + amitriptyline (10 mg/day) treatment was given to the third group (n = 20). All parameters were reevaluated after the 8 weeks of treatment….

Also there was a negative correlation between the magnesium levels and fibromyalgia symptoms. The number of tender points, tender point index, FIQ and Beck depression scores decreased significantly with the magnesium citrate treatment.

See my article ” Magnesium Guide: Which form of Magnesium is the best for you“.

Selenium deficiency raises inflammation and the pain of fibromyalgia

In the research article “Selenium and magnesium status in fibromyalgia” it states –

Muscle pain has been associated with magnesium (Mg) and selenium (Se) deficiency: magnesium and selenium status were investigated in fibromyalgia (FM).

The research article “Oxidative Stress in Fibromyalgia: From Pathology to Treatment” states –

Selenium is the essential trace element of antioxidative properties, influencing neurotransmission. Unfortunately, selenium level is reduced in FM patients [66, 67]. Selenium is a cofactor of the glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) enzyme [68]. It is a regulator of the physiological functions of the nervous system, such as signal transduction and development [47]. Moreover, it is a crucial component of selenoproteins involved in antioxidant defenses [68]. This trace element shows neuroprotective properties in peripheral pain modulation through the inhibition of apoptosis and regulation of the transient receptor potential (TRP) melastatin 2 (TRPM2) and vanilloid 1 (TRPV1) channels [69]. The study by Yüksel et al. in an animal model explored the role of selenium in FM-induced rats. After selenium supplementation, reduced pain intensity, ROS level, and lipid peroxidation were observed [69]. Selenium reveals neuroprotective properties in the nigrostriatal pathway. Thus, the dopamine pathway is thought to be selenium-dependent [70]. Selenoproteins are necessary for the development of parvalbumin- (PV-) interneurons, a class of GABAergic neurons involved in synchronizing neural activity [66]. The dysfunctional activity of PV-interneuron networks is involved in hyperalgesia in fibromyalgia, in which pain information processing is amplified in the central nervous system [67]. Thus, selenium supplementation in deficient FM patients can improve clinical symptoms and benefit the quality of life.

In the West, we are not getting micronutrients in our diets, especially magnesium and selenium. I recommend eating no more than 3 Brazil nuts a day, as each Brazil nut has more than the RDI for selenium.

Diatomaceous Earth

See my article ” Everything you need to know about Diatomaceous Earth“.

I was not able to find any research on diatomaceous earth and fibromyalgia, but in reality, I cannot find hardly any research regarding anything on it. I am sure this is done by design because of the incredible health-giving properties of diatomaceous earth. However, what I did find were numerous anecdotal testimonies on using diatomaceous earth to reverse fibromyalgia symptoms.

Testimonies from EarthClinic.com

Sabata (Spotsylvania ) on 08/15/2022:
5 out of 5 stars

You are not drinking enough DE for your body. I’ll bet you haven’t drunk DE long enough to see improvements or even enough DE.

Let me give you an example. Although I don’t have fibro I suffer from body pain immensely without DE and Boron. Not sure what so have as I do not trust Dr’s and haven’t been to. Dr’s in over 20 years. Nonetheless, I have to take at least 8-10 tablespoons of DE and waited for a few weeks and my pain was almost gone, about 90% of it. Then when I added boron and reaching to about 1 teaspoon daily the rest of my body pain was gone in literally a couple of days. After 8 months I noticed my hair was growing something I have been suffering from for r over 10 years, I almost went bald as a female 😞 but thank the Lord for DE my hair is now back to about 95% when I added boron my head started to itch the feeling of needles poking my head which is hair growing all at one time. I still have inflammation problems and know it will go away within time.

Everyone is different and requires large dosage to even start to address deficiencies in their bodies.

Now I know you have fibro and need to take a much larger dosage to even begin to feel a relief. You haven’t given DE enough time and or taking enough of it to address you body issues. So you give up 😞 I would rethink what you are doing and try again only this time keep on upping your DE dosage until you start to feel a relief. I would highly recommend adding Boron at least 2 full teaspoon of the powder not the watered down liquid crap, that won’t touch you at all. Don’t give up and trust that DE along with Boron will help you in a big way and will eventually heal you. Boron (the 20 mule team) brand only.


Karen (Toronto, On) on 11/16/2013:
5 out of 5 stars

DE for Fibromyalgia

My feeling is that people with REAL fibromyalgia (70% of “sufferers” are misdiagnosed) THAT’S A LOT!! If they take it long enough WILL see the results! You need to take at least 4 tablespoons a day for 6 or more months to see what your hoping for…(little to NO pain) Healing takes time. I have had fibromyalgia (tested 18/18 for trigger points) for almost 20 years! In horrible pain and terrible chronic fatigue with many food allergies that went with it – like the nightshades and sugar. I began the DE 1/2 year ago. Started at 2tbs a day and upped it a few weeks later to 4-8 tbs a day. I now have such little pain anywhere in my body that I have to concentrate to see if I can feel anything! AND along with that the food allergies dissappeared as well as the chronic fatigue. I can even eat nightshade vegetables…and anyone with real Fibro knows how painful the slightest amount of one of those are.

If you’ve been told you have fibro but your doctor has not done the 18 point pressure test….then he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. You could very well be suffering from something else and not getting the proper treatment. People ALL the time are being told they have fibro when the doctor just can’t figure out why they have pain. A pain in your hip is not fibro, you have to have at least 11 different spots to have mild fibro. The reason I mention this is b/c people try to cure themselves of fibro who don’t really have it – then tell others it doesn’t work! IT DOES WORK. Drink it only with water on an empty tummy – do it right and be patient. It CAN work for you too! =D


Laura (Asheville, Nc) on 09/14/2011:
5 out of 5 stars

I have fibromyalgia and have been taking Diatomaceouls Earth for almost 2 weeks. It is definitly doing something positive for me. First I noticed a huge change in my foot problem that has plagued me for 4 years. I have woke up stiff, but that is different too. I don’t know how to describe it except that the stiffness is not to the bone and all encompasing as before. I am so hopeful that I may continue to improve. If it is possible different factors contribute to Fibro for different people, I guess different results could be experienced from individuals also. My experience would lead me to suggest, try it and see how your body responds if you suffer any joint or fibro pain. Good luck to you all!

You can get Food grade diatomaceous earth on my website.


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