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How to remedy hemorrhoids

by Sean Martu

Hemorrhoids are not an adventure anyone wants to experience. Hemorrhoids can altar someones life in the worst ways, in terms of life quality. Many people are embarrassed even to talk about  much less admit they are suffering from them.

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are swollen, enlarged veins that form inside and outside the anus and rectum. They can be painful,  and cause rectal bleeding. Hemorrhoids are also known as piles. Everyone is born with hemorrhoids, but it’s only when they become swollen and enlarged that they produce irritating symptoms.

How common are hemorrhoids?

An estimated 1 in 20 Americans have symptomatic hemorrhoids. They affect people of all ages, genders and ethnicities. They’re become more common as we age, affecting more than half of people over age 50.

How does one get hemorrhoids?

You may be more at risk if you:

  • Are overweight or obese.
  • Are pregnant.
  • Eat a low-fiber diet.
  • Have chronic constipation or diarrhea.
  • Regularly lift heavy objects.
  • Spend a lot of time sitting on the toilet.
  • Strain while having bowel movements.

What are the different types of hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids can happen inside or outside the rectum. The type depends on where the swollen vein develops. Types include:

  • External: Swollen veins form underneath the skin around the anus. External hemorrhoids can be itchy and painful. Occasionally, they bleed. Sometimes they fill with blood that can clot. This is not dangerous, but can result in pain and swelling.
  • Internal: Swollen veins form inside the rectum. Your rectum is the part of the digestive system that connects the colon to the anus. Internal hemorrhoids may bleed, but they usually aren’t painful.
  • Prolapsed: Both internal and external hemorrhoids can prolapse, meaning they stretch and bulge outside of the anus. These hemorrhoids may bleed or cause pain.

OK, so how I heal from hemorrhoids?

I had a friend of mine who had suffered from bleeding painful hemorrhoids, nothing she did worked. I had to buy some Chinese traditional medicine from a renowned acupuncturist, and I had just happened to ask him for a remedy. He told me about this medicine Ma Ying Long Hemorrhoids Ointment, made with all natural ingredients.

This medicine is well known in China and in the Chinese Traditional Medicine circles, and the more I read and researched on it the more I was impressed, especially the individual reviews. Here is a webpage with more detailed information on the ingredients and application of the medicine. Here is a research article showing the efficacy of of Ma Ying Long.

He didn’t have any but another local acupuncturist had it so I bought it for my friend to try. She had immediate relief once applying this medicine, and was healed within a short period of time.

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