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Iodine deficiency is the Prime cause of Autism

by Sean Martu

Iodine is not an element, a nutritional mineral that people are readily aware of unless they’ve been diagnosed with thyroid issues. Although iodine deficiency has steadily increased in America over the last 50 years, and thyroid issues, especially among women are at epidemic levels in America, there has been no increased awareness by government health agencies in regard to iodine consumption. This may seem as a surprise, but these same government health/food agencies allow food additives and chemicals in the American food source that actually displace iodine from the body, such as potassium bromate and fluoride, which potassium bromate is illegal to use in foodstuff in the European Union and other countries.

None of this surprises me, as America is in the midst of a biological war against its citizens, and possibly the world, by the pharmaceutical and food(poison) industry.

Iodine deficiency has been proven to cause autism.

In the article “Autism seems to be increasing worldwide, if not in London“, it states-

In a number of countries with reported increases in autism there has
been a concomitant increase in the prevalence of iodine deficiency.(3 4 5)
Another line of evidence is the effect of iodine deficiency on brain
development and the findings in some children with autism. Iodine
deficiency during the prenatal period has been associated with a number of
adverse effects on the brain resulting in a continuum of effects from mild
to severe depending on the degree of iodine deficiency, from lowered IQ to
severe mental retardation, i.e., cretinism. The mechanism of iodine
deficiency is that insufficient levels of iodine lead to an imbalance in
thyroid hormone metabolism with a decrease in circulating thyroxin (T4) in
both the pregnant mother and the fetus. This results in irreversible
changes in brain architecture such as less dense neural connections.(6) It
has been reported that some children with autism have “underconnectivity”
in certain regions of the brain.

It also states in the World Neurology Newsletter research article “Breakthrough in Autism Prevention“-

The research was conducted in a cohort of more than 4,000 Dutch mothers and their children, and it supports the view that autism can be caused by lack of maternal thyroid hormones T4, also called thyroxine, and T3, which is crucial to the migration of fetal brain cells during embryo development, early in pregnancy. The most common cause of thyroid hormone deficiency is a lack of dietary iodine, given that T4 contains four atoms of iodine. There are also environmental contaminants and dietary factors that affect thyroid function2……

Iodine deficiency remains common throughout the world; including industrialized countries where it was believed to be eradicated by the use of iodinated salt.  This could explain the upward trend in the incidence of autism observed in these countries.  Another factor is the lack of determination of T4, T3 and urinary iodine levels in expectant mothers early in pregnancy, and the use of prenatal vitamin supplements lacking the extra supplementary iodine needed during pregnancy and lactation.

The complex gene network regulated by thyroid hormone during brain development is being deciphered with the use of experimental animal models4 and should provide a better understanding of the complex problem of autism spectrum disorders.

I never quote WebMD, but I will quote this article “Health Benefits of Iodine” –

Proper Development during Pregnancy

Women who are pregnant need more iodine in their diet. Iodine is essential for the proper brain development of babies. Research has found that babies born to women who do not get enough iodine during pregnancy are more likely to have intellectual delays and lower IQs than children born to mothers who get enough iodine during pregnancy.

Women who are breastfeeding also have higher iodine needs, because they supply their infants with the mineral through breast milk. The mother getting enough ensures the infant gets what they need, too, to ensure proper brain development.

Thyroid issues among American women are constantly and dramatically increasing, while autism rates are also increasing. On one end you have an increased consumption of fast-food and processed foods laden with glyphosate and other endocrine-disrupting chemicals, and on the other end, you have a gradual reduction in the consumption of iodine.

What I find insane is I have a friend with a 20-year-old Low-functioning autism (LFA) child. She has been researching how to reverse or improve autistic symptoms for years and has seen some of the top doctors regarding autism, but none of them have ever mentioned nor was she aware of the iodine deficiency link to autism.

You have a huge segment of the population that believes vaccines cause autism, more specifically Thimerosal a harmful preservative that was removed from children’s vaccines, but autism rates continue to increase. Someone informed me the other day that a friend of her child was vaccinated the other day and the kid just stopped making sounds and started looking off into spaces. I believe that vaccines are indirectly causing autism in the effect that it depends on the neural development of the child when they get vaccinated. Meaning that a child who is probably going to have a predisposition as a “slow learner” due to prenatal iodine deficiency, but is not autistic, when they are vaccinated their neural system is too fragile to be able to handle the “poison” and micro-inflammation of the vaccine additives within the vaccines indirectly causing autism. This would explain the discrepancy between who and who does not develop autism when children are vaccinated.

As of note, I previously wrote an article about how glyphosate-laden food was fed to rats, and the rats’ progeny developed autism. Glyphosate has been classified as endocrine blocking and a carcinogen, and it’s probably through its endocrine blocking ability, that it is disrupting and/or creating an imbalance with thyroid hormone secretion.

But I believe there is light at the end of this tunnel. Recently I have been religiously consuming wild sea moss, about 4 tablespoons of sea moss gel daily, and I realized it was making me smarter. Now mind you, my IQ level is over 160, but I started to see things more clearly, and solve things without effort. I started to do research I realized the iodine’s main protagonist.

I found numerous scientific literature elucidating their findings that iodine supplementation indeed increases IQ. In the Discover Magazine article “How Adding Iodine to Salt Boosted Americans’ IQ”  it states –

Nationwide, that averages out to a 3.5-point rise in IQ because of iodization, the researchers report in a paper for the National Bureau of Economic Research.

If Iodine can make an adult smarter, I see no reason why it cannot reverse to some degree the effects of autism.

You can get an iodine supplement at your local health food store, or you can get this one on Amazon.com. A word of warning, don’t just go and load up with iodine, you also have to take selenium for the conversion of T4 into active T3 thyroid hormones, and the best food source for that is Brazil nuts.

In America the RDI of iodine is 150mcg, but in Japan, it’s 3mg a day, I personally follow the Japanese protocol. One thing I learned in America, as with vitamin D, they only want you to have just enough nutrition to be able to work in the factories and operate their machines, but yet be sick enough to be on the hamster wheel of pharmaceuticals.

My friend is giving her autistic 20-year-old iodine and Brazil nuts, so I will write an updated article with the results.



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