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Israeli’s who tell – “we recovered from Corona in natural ways”

by Sean Martu

Source: Mako.co.il

Translated from Hebrew.

About a year and a half ago, rumors began to trickle down to us about a mysterious virus threatening the people of China. From there, the virus spread to the whole world until the lockdown which was not long. We have been living in the shadow of the corona plague for a year and a half, which includes isolation, a vaccine storm, contradictions, guidelines, and fines – and we seem to be entering a period of closures and rising morbidity again. Unfortunately, we hear quite a few stories about people who needed medical help and also about people who died from the virus, but there is another side that is less heard, of people who got sick and recovered without medical help. Meet the people who overcame corona disease in natural ways, some did not even know they had. What helped them recover? And what side effects did they have left, if any?

It is important to emphasize that the coronavirus can manifest in varying degrees of severity in different people. In many cases, young people will experience the disease in a mild-moderate form. However, adults, as well as immunocompromised people and people at risk due to background illnesses – can experience the disease in a severe way that requires hospitalization and can lead to severe complications and even mortality. The following cases are mild cases of corona, which due to the degree of mild severity, the infected were able to overcome it naturally. The recommendation is to always seek medical advice when symptoms appear and when there is a risk of infection in the corona.

Yonit Dahbash, 43, from Givatayim

A dance teacher and movement therapist, she later found out she was ill in Corona when she wanted to visit her father and had to have an examination. “I had already decided to do a serological examination because my father was hospitalized at Levinstein’s house and the ward was in isolation and for me to be able to enter it I needed an examination. So I did a serological examination.” 

How did you feel when you fell ill?

“It was in January, I felt a little like before the flu, that the muscles were a little sore, weakness of the body and fatigue, a little chills, just like the beginning of the flu and that’s it. I didn’t even have a fever and runny nose. It was for two days and about a week and a half. “I just knew what to do when it happened, so in three or four days I felt good.”

What did you do to recover?

“I took liposomal vitamin C, about 2 grams every two hours until the body started to diarrhea and then I reduced the amounts. Like this for two days. Besides, I took vitamin D 10,000 IU and zinc – a pill every day.” Two zinc pills a day and she says it helped her regain her sense of taste and smell. In addition, she has not suffered from any other side effects since recovering.

Efrat Strozberg, 42, from Gedera

Married plus three children, self-employed in graphic design, says that at first her whole family fell ill except for her eldest daughter, but she too eventually became infected as well. “On the first and second test, she came out negative and then also came out positive.”

How did you actually find out you had a corona?

“I did not feel well. I felt excruciating leg pain at the level it woke me up at night. I did not understand what was happening to me. After two hours of severe pain, I took paracetamol and fell asleep. After three days I suffered from a severe cough and runny nose, and after a few hours, he did a test and was also found to be positive. ”

How did you feel?

“A cough that lasted something like 4-5 days, a fever around 38 and a half for all of us, and that’s it, every day was a benefit. As it came – that’s how it went.” Efrat says that fortunately, all her family members experienced the corona as a normal disease. “My son came out positive and played football at home.”

What did you do to recover?

“I took paracetamol and herbal tea.”

Have you had any side effects since?

“Nothing. Not for me, not for my husband and not for the children. We didn’t even lose our sense of taste and smell.

Avi Jan, 46, from Kfar Saba

Married plus two, realized he had a corona when he began to feel leg pain. “I felt muscle aches, I talked to my sister who lives in Florida and she asked me if my legs hurt and I said yes, I waited a week and went for a serological test, I went net out of curiosity. The test showed I had antibodies. No one in my family was infected.”

What did you feel exactly?

“Pain in my right leg. Feeling 12 hours of virus and weakness, and I had a section with the sense of smell, maybe two or three days, I felt less odor. Beyond that I had nothing.”

How did you feel when you found out you had a corona? Were you scared?

contracted Corona. She had a cold and that’s it. My sisters live in the US so I was with her, we were a lot in the sun and relaxed. After two days, like nothing. ”

What did you do to recover?

“What do you do when you get a virus, drink soup, lots of fluids and rest.”

Have you had any symptoms left since?

“No. Just joy and positivity.”

Avi Shatiwi, 45, from Gaderot in the south

Married Plus 2, stabbing and treating energy flushing using the Nader Bhutto method, felt he had a cold and went to be tested because of a company that was found positive. “It happened last year when a friend contracted corona and I felt a bit cold. I’m usually very healthy so I immediately realized it was corona. Once I had a straight fever I made an appointment for a corona test and saw that I was positive.”

What exactly did you feel?

“High fever of 39.5, chills. I treat professionally so I felt it was it, a week until I got out of it completely. On the way I also infected my wife and daughter. My daughter had no symptoms, just came out verified and my wife had few symptoms but got out of it completely. For medical treatment.

How did you feel when you found out you had a corona? Were you scared?

I had already researched this issue and realized that the big danger is for sick and elderly people. For people my age, as long as they take care of themselves there is no problem with it. It is the body’s way of cleansing.”

“Absolutely not. By the time I got infected”

I had already researched this issue and realized that the big danger is for sick and elderly people. For people my age, as long as they take care of themselves there is no problem with it. It is the body’s way of cleansing.”

What does it mean to keep to themselves?

“Express themselves emotionally, exercise, good nutrition, good sleep, sun exposure.”

What did you do to recover?

“Called me from the HMO and offered paracetamol and painkillers. I asked the doctor how to strengthen the body to recover and he did not know what to tell me. I took vitamin C and D, switched to a vegetable juice based diet and added a pill of zinc and that’s it, I was in the sun too.”

Have you had any symptoms left since?

“No. A week after the corona I did a Reiki sun treatment for myself and since then the heat has gone down and never come back.

Shir Adelist, 39 and Daniel Adelist, 37 from Olga

Parents of 3 children, all of whom were found positive for Corona. Song: “It was in the winter when my son was three months old, the whole family was infected. We actually had a relative who came to live next to us to do isolation here, my husband and she had contact and then she found out she was verified. We did a check and found out we were all verified.”

How did you feel?

“It was like the flu just very long, very exhausting, chills, we did not even have coughs or things like that. For my very headache, my husband and I lost our sense of taste and smell. The children had a fever, the little one had a fever and was so miserable for two or three days, “It was so weak, but it came down to it. Nobody had a very high fever.”

What did you do to recover?

“We made sure to take and took a nice array of vitamins every day. It was important for us to get stronger because we felt a little weak, we were in the sun too.”

Have you had any symptoms left since?

“For me, everything went back to normal and for Daniel, there was a small degree of impairment in the sense of smell and taste. The coffee did not taste good again, he claims to have the taste of kebab oil.

Revital Florman, 63

Mother of 2 and yoga teacher, is in a risk group because of her age, got sick in Corona and recovered after a few days. “It was in March, my house did not feel good, she got sick with her partner, she had all the symptoms of corona, went to be tested and found positive, I spent with her two days earlier and then I started to feel unwell and realized I had corona.

How did you feel?

“Fever and weakness at noon. In the evening I already had a high fever of 39. I went to bed for three days, did not lower fever, lost my sense of smell for a month, muscle aches, especially in the back, severe cough. The acute phase lasted three days. Then lasted another two weeks of. Coughs and weakness and that’s it.

Do you adhere to a healthy lifestyle?

“Yes. I am a vegetarian, do exercise and yoga, take care not to consume industrialized foods and also consume vitamins routinely.”

What did you do to recover?

“I increased the amount of vitamins, vitamin C , D , and zinc, I added quercetin, which strengthens the immune system, and buy at any natural store. I also drank ginger tea and sheba tea in quantities, I ate little and rested. Natural medicine at its best.”

Have you had any side effects since?


Shira Mor Yosef, 41 years old

She is a fitness trainer, a therapist, and a school assistant who believes that her and her family’s lifestyle has kept her from the severe symptoms of the disease. “We had to do a test for my girl who went into isolation following a girl in kindergarten who was verified and we did the whole family test. First test came out wrong, then we did again, and my son was verified without symptoms and he felt best at home. After a week I started having headaches. “A low fever of 38, we did a test and it turned out to be positive. I was very careful at this time of isolation in terms of health, we did not enter the house sweets, we ate mostly vegetables and fruits. We try to generally avoid unhealthy foods but in this month of isolation really.

How did you feel?

“I was in bed for two days with a headache and fever 38. Felt lighter from the flu. I had no pain or chills. There was nothing unbearable. The body needed sleep. After two days I got out of bed, took another week to fully recover and a week later I was back in sports. “And everything. I was not a gas pool this week, a little weaker but not something unbearable.”

What did you do to recover?

“I rested. I took some zinc inconsistently, used two or three, no more than that. I fortified myself before the corona with lots of vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C. ”

Have you had any symptoms left since?

“I do not know if it is from the stories but when I came back from work then I did not remember the names of the children in the class. I heard that those who fell ill in Corona had their memory damaged a bit. At the moment the memory is back.”

* The content on this channel does not constitute a professional opinion, recommendation, substitute for consulting a specialist or receiving medical advice.



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