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How meditation can make you regain health and become Self-illumined

by Sean Martu

Meditation is not an art for the fearful or the weak, it’s a tool for the fearless and brave to regain their health and become self-illumined. Meditation as a science is practiced for varying reasons and goals, but the type of meditation I’m going to elucidate is for the seeker to transcend their limited animal nature and reclaim their divine state.

Since ancient times the science of meditation has been protected by mystical orders, but it has also been the cause of book burning and murder of those who knew it by religious organizations who wished to keep humanity in the dark. For a time the practice was only known to a select few, the science carried and protected by the “mental knights” of times past. But today we live the information age, and what was once hidden and secreted away, is now readily accessible in published books and the internet.

What is the purpose of meditation?

The purpose of meditation is the evolution of mind and body. So you’re asking yourself evolution into what?  Evolution in the sense of developing a disease-less body, an illumined mind to become one with source energy, with God. In reality, we are not aspiring to evolve into something new, because many thousands of years ago we as a species have fallen from our divine state of awareness. Our present state as human beings is more like farm animals than our rightful state of divinity.

In the ancient times of Atlantis and in the previous Golden age, we could create with a thought, our mind, our bodies were disease-less and beautiful, we were inter-dimensional beings that had inter-stellar capabilities. But gradually over time we lost our identity and succumbed to fear, hate and attachment, perpetrated upon us by malignant inter-dimensional beings(false gods), which lead to our downfall.

What are the keys needed to successfully meditate?

There are 5 keys to unlocking our inner power: Focus, Purity of Mind, Diet & Nutrition, Disassociating with Energy Vampires, Preserving Sexual Fluids and Knowledge of Self.


Focus is the development of one-pointed concentration, when the mind becomes one with the object it is known as samadhi. Qi/prana follows the mind, it gives life to every thought. When you focus your mind at one point the qi/prana also becomes focused, then your mind wields power like a laser.

Purity of mind 

Purity of mind is achieved by giving up attachment, fear, anger, hate and any negative emotion you can identify within yourself. These negative mental states block or pervert the flow of qi/prana within the mind and body. By developing inner peace and releasing judgment of self and others you allow qi/prana to flow freely within your mind and body.

Diet & Nutrition

Eating lighter nutritious foods support the qi/prana movement within the body. Heavy foods like red meat & hard to digest foods impede qi/prana movement. You should remove red meat from your diet or meats period, eat organic live foods like greens & fruits, drink natural occurring alkaline water. Find a good magnesium & electrolyte supplement to support the expansion of qi/prana bio-electromagnetic aura. Get a good probiotic and eat kimchi to allow proper bowel movements and quick digestion.  Click here to learn about magnesium and click here to learn about probiotics.

Disassociating with Energy Vampires

Avoid people who drain and feast off of your qi/prana, meditation drastically increases ones prana/qi which attracts the energy vampires. They can sense and feel your power and will do or say anything to feast on it. Click here to learn how to protect yourself from energy vampires.

Preserving sexual fluids

Sexual fluids is concentrated qi, releasing these fluids during the beginning stages of meditation is like taking one step forward two steps back. Be chastise for about 90 days, or until you start to experience certain phenomenon attributed to ascension such as feeling your aura spinning, seeing lights and body regeneration. The key is moderation. This does not apply to women.

Knowledge of Self 

The subconscious mind is the doorkeeper, and your conscious mind is the key master. It’s important to understand that you are but a ray of the sun, an extension of source energy(God), that within you all power and knowledge resides.  This conscious understanding is the key whereby the subconscious opens the door to your higher self, allowing source energy to cascade down into your conscious mind.

How do I meditate?

Great treatises on meditation such as the Bhagavad Gita, The Secret of the Golden Flower and The Yoga Kundalini Upanishad all elucidate similar processes in the science of meditation.

1. You must seat yourself comfortably, preferably grounded to the earth. You do not need to sit in the padmasana yoga pose, seating like this is not going to propel you to illumination, if it did everyone would be illuminated. The key is to be comfortable and relaxed, buy a yoga cushion if you need one.

2. After being seated comfortably you need to hold your head, neck and spine erect in a straight line. The purpose of this is to polarize the flow of qi/prana through sushumna(the spine).

3. Do not try to do breathe deep nor shallow, just breathe naturally.

4. Then close your eyes halfway, and cast your gaze down to the horizontal plane of the tip of the nose. Do not try to look at the tip of your nose, only use it as a plane of reference.

5a. According to the Secret of the Golden Flower, you only need to focus your awareness in the square inch region between the brows called the “heavenly heart” to cause the qi/prana to flow through it. Eventually, a bright golden light will manifest in the heavenly heart called the golden flower. When you see this golden light, it is the radiance of the source, God itself which is your higher self.

5b. Both the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Kundalini Upanishad identify the third eye as the Ajna chakra. There are two ways described to activate this chakra. The first is to follow the steps as described in 5a, but to also to vibrate in your mind the long AUM. The third way is to again follow the steps in 5a, but to add the verbal sounding of the AUM in rhythm with your breathing. On every out breathe utter the AUM, if you cannot do it so, inhale twice before you do the exhale AUM and continue to practice until you can sound AUM on each exhale.

In the Upanishads, everything that exists can be brought to manifestation by its form, color or sound. The AUM is the sound or word of the higher self or God, and by sounding this you make manifest the power and presence of the higher self.

By following this path all disease will disappear, all that is known can be known and death will become a fleeting shadow.


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