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Now is the time to wake up from The Matrix of Corporate world Zombification

by Sean Martu

Two weeks ago I texted a lawyer friend of mine that I hadn’t heard from in months, probably about 6 months or so, maybe longer. I sent a message and asked her if she was still alive, you never know with covid 19. She eventually replied, but what she told me shocked me.

She told me the last time we had a conversation about 6 months ago at a health grocery store, she said what I had told her made her make a huge change in her life. She said she had decided to quit her career in Law in the following month, to move to Ecuador, and become an online Tarot reader. I didn’t know what to think when she told me that, I was quite shocked, it’s not easy to drop a career like law, where you have to put in 8 years of schooling just to get a foot in the door.

But she was adamant and said she made the decision after we had a long holistic conversation about the “quality of life” of living in America.

I’m going to go over many of the many points I had discussed with her. But in reality, her awakening started a few months prior to that meeting when I had told her about camu-camu, around the time when I had just discovered it. The camu had such a profound effect on her health, that it even took away the facial wrinkles she had developed in her 40’s.

Most urban people have lost sight of what life truly is about. In reality, urban people are alien to true enjoyment and dwell in a never-ending cycle of work, pharmaceutical drugs, and ailments. People are locked in a nightmare plantocracy matrix of enriching corporations at the behest of draining their “life-force”, and once you’ve outlived their purpose they recycle your position with someone younger, and for less money, while you are left out on the street.

I tell people all the time that the food in America, even the organic food has little to no nutritional value. If you travel to Europe like Italy or you go to the Caribbean, just try a fruit or vegetable, and you’ll notice your mouth is bursting with flavor. That flavor is the nutritional richness of its bioflavonoids, vitamins, and minerals. But when you come back to America you’ll notice the food has no flavor at all, it’s all bland.

I once made the mistake of buying a pineapple from whole foods, and it had not one molecule of sweetness. Hence why I always prefer to shop at Latin American grocers that import their produce from South & Central America, away from American food conglomerates.

Growing up in Canada I had a first-hand experience of “socialized medicine”, in America the word “socialist” is like parading the term Nazi, even though none of them know what the word means. In America getting sick or having a kid, especially with complications, can bankrupt you, even if you have insurance. I always say that America is the only country in the world where you buy insurance, or are mandated to buy insurance, but you’re still not insured.

Everyone is being overworked, their bodies are quickly degenerating and falling apart. Pensions or defined pensions no longer exist, unless you’re an executive, or in elected government, or working for a federal or state government agency. Everyone else is on a 401k, which means you most likely will end up as a Walmart greeter in your golden years. That’s if you last that long and don’t end up being one of the over 1.5 million people dying every year in the US from smoking, cancer, and heart disease.

Week to week on paycheck to paycheck, sitting in a cubicle from sunrise to sunset, spending hours on subways or buses or rush hour traffic, for what? Who is benefitting from this? You think it’s natural not to be outside, not to be in the sun not getting vitamin D? Then you wonder why everyone is sick.

The whole education system, minus the 40 grand a year academies, is designed to teach you nothing. Even the universities, minus the Stanfords of the world, teach you nothing. What they do teach you is how to do office work or machinery to make the rich richer.

I have a bachelor’s degree, albeit, from a real accredited university, not DeVry, I also have an associate’s degree, but what did they teach me? In reality nothing, outside of being a part of the neverending replaceable and abused part of the economic machinery of the rich.

I know a guy who has a degree and has no idea how to check his car’s transmission fluid, nor change a tire. You’d think with 16 years of schooling from primary school to university, you’d at least get some pointers on parenting, but nothing, and it’s all by design to make people not have real tools for survival, to not have useful knowledge to be independent and to free themselves, but to always make them dependent on the rich or the system.

The rich pay no taxes, but everyone else does? Corporations pay no taxes, but you do, the oil companies pay do not taxes nor any royalties on the oil they mine in America, but we pay about 50% in taxes per gallon of gas?

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the rich, they shouldn’t pay taxes, they should also live the privileged life in regards to how “law” applies to them in comparison to the common citizen. But you see that is what real “American Freedom” is about, it’s about freedom for the rich to do what they want.

Becoming rich in “useful” knowledge, rich in thought process, is what leads you to be rich in money.

Collectively people could change their circumstances with the snap of a finger, and live like the rich, but they choose otherwise to be divided, ignorant, racist, narcissistic, misogynistic, politically naive, and attached to negativity.

They have perfected a system of conditioning, nobody is thinking, even though they think they are, but they are only interoperating within an algorithm that they were indoctrinated with by the “school” system, commercials, music, and TV shows.

Once your awake, don’t fight for those who want to be sheeple, pull yourself out of the hole, and go live life. Don’t be the jackass who tries to save somebody who is going to drag you back down the hole, or disable you from escaping it.

They tell you the American dream, which I call the American nightmare, is to get a career, get married, mortgage a house, and plop out kids.

Ok, so why do I have to pay for a house three times over for 30 years to so-called own it? Why do I have to pay taxes on my house to fund sports stadiums the billionaire owners refuse to pay for and end up owning?

Why can’t I pay off a house in 10 years? Well, the system is designed so it’s not so easy to escape, if you could pay for a house in ten years, you could build lots of equity or sell it and build incredible amounts of liquid wealth, thereby joining their elite group. Don’t forget you cannot have a vampire system of the oppressor without the oppressed.

Then if you’re lucky you’ll try and get a 1-week vacation. In the end, they tell you it’s possible to buy your freedom from corporate slavery(retire) if you’re not already laid off for someone younger and less affordable, and also when your mind and body are no longer functioning, and you’re addicted to unaffordable pharmaceutical drugs.

In America, the sheeple are the most taxed people in the world, especially if you factor in the cost of health care as a tax.

The FDA allows and approves food additives and pharmaceutical drugs that are destroying people’s health and lives. People are on this neverending hamster wheel of medical clinics, hospitals, pharmaceutical drugs, and rehabilitation. The food source at the major American grocers are all corporate sourced, and even though you see this “company ” name or that, all of them lead back to 4 mega-industrial-food- corporations and all the food is laden with harmful GMO’s and pesticides.

Slavery and drug addiction were the genesis of these corporations, and now they have the sheeple in the system so aloof, so ignorant they actually enjoy it, and have no realization of what is going on.

For generations, they’ve tricked us, or by force, have taken us off of the land, taken us away from pure running water, taken away our knowledge of herbalism, building structures, trade, and husbandry, and put us into disease-causing dependent concrete jungles, offices and factories.

Why do you think there is never a month where a sports league is not playing? Baseball, Football, Hockey, and basketball, it’s all a spell so people do not wake up to what is really going on, so they do not focus on the life they are really living.

Everyone is sick, everyone is slowly dying, everyone is more or less unhappy. When is the last time you even looked up into the sky and enjoyed the celestial bodies?

For those who have freed themselves, the first thing you need to do is reclaim your mind. Do not watch the news or cable TV! It’s the worst thing you can do, it’s all negative and propaganda. “They” know your awareness gives life to what it gives attention to, so they use us collectively by what we focus on to create their paradise and our hell. Unlearn what you have learned and seek out the truth as fitting to your personal evolution and desires. Reclaim your health, turn to nature to heal your body and mind with South American superfoods like camu-camu, detox and regenerate your body with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth from all the pharmaceutical drugs, heavy metals, parasites, bacteria and viruses you have abused your body with for years. Eat organic and learn how to cook from scratch. Heal your body from diseases like HIV and cancer using Powdered Black Seeds and Oil of Oregano. Drink Alkaline water to replenish and deacidify your body.

Remove energy vampires and negative people from your life.

Become independent and create your own economy, or participate in one where you are free. Discover your talents and loves, and learn to do something with your hands and mind.

Like my friend who is moving to Ecuador, move away from any urban jungles where the cons outweigh the pros, if you do not have access to pure air, trees, and forests, fresh or ocean water, my advice is to leave.

Rediscover your humanity, your divine right to freedom, health, love, and life.

Travel, travel again, and travel more. I say it all the time, you have no idea what food you love, what kind of women you like, or dude if you are a woman, you do not discover who you really are until you interact with other cultures, ways of living, different philosophies, and foreign lands.


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Brittany May 6, 2022 - 3:14 pm

Awesome Article! I absolutely LOVE this!!! I just found you on TikTok and I am a fan of your ideology for sure!

Sean Martu
Sean Martu May 6, 2022 - 3:15 pm

Thank you!

Doreen Avitabile May 27, 2022 - 4:19 pm

Hi Sean!
We’ve missed you at the gym & so glad I found your website! This is such amazing information & thank you!
FYI – I’ve been using Camu powder for a month now ever since you spoke about it at the gym.
I’ll be emailing you soon & I appreciate you. Thank you!
God bless you always.


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