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Product Review : Doctor’s Best Elemental Magnesium

by Sean Martu
doctors best magnesium

Choosing a magnesium supplement is no easy task. There are two main issues you have to take into consideration before choosing a magnesium supplement.

  1. Bio-availability –  refers to the amount of magnesium that can be assimilated by the body.
  2. Supplementation – transdermal( Magnesium applied to the skin can be absorbed directly into your cells, bypassing the digestive system. ) or oral.

Magnesium is an essential dietary mineral that is required for optimal function of the cardiovascular system, nervous system, skeletal muscle, digestive tract, and uterus. Approximately seventy-five percent of Americans are deficient in magnesium. Inadequate levels of magnesium affect the heart, blood vessels, bones, and blood sugar balance. Magnesium deficiency increases with age because of inadequate intake from the diet, poor absorption and certain pharmaceutical drugs known to deplete magnesium

How does Magnesium work in the body?

Magnesium ions have a positive electrical charge and thus functions as a mineral electrolyte which affects the amount of water in the body, the acidity of blood (pH), muscle function, and other important processes. Magnesium works as a co-factor for 300 to 800 enzymatic processes in the body including all the reactions involving ATP, important for energy production and muscle contraction and relaxation. See my article on magnesium for more detailed information.

About Dr’s Best Elemental Magnesium

According to Doctor’s Best website they use a patented, organic delivery form of magnesium that is 100% chelated to optimize bio-availability.  Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium is not buffered, meaning that is it not mixed with less expensive and less absorbable forms of magnesium such as magnesium oxide.

Inadequate magnesium negatively affects not only the heart, blood vessels, and bones, but may also impact blood sugar balance.* Research has shown a link between magnesium and healthy blood pressure. A decrease in bone mineral density is associated with lower blood magnesium levels.

My Experience with Dr’s Best Elemental Magnesium

What initially caught my eye with Dr’s Best Elemental Magnesium is that it’s GMO free and that it uses Magnesium glycinate/lysinate which is a high bio-available form of magnesium. At the time of choosing  Dr’s Best Elemental Magnesium, I had been grossly magnesium deficient for years. I was having night sweats, my energy levels were way down where my progress at the gym was becoming counterproductive and I had pre-hypertensive blood pressure.

I decided to take 2 pills twice a day(400 mg), oddly within 30 minutes, I could feel my energy levels increase dramatically. When I went to the gym I was not only was doing weight sets & repetitions the was I used to, but I had dramatically increased the number of sets & repetitions by about 30%. Unbelievably my night sweats stopped the first night I used the magnesium. My blood pressure stabilized within a week and I was no longer pre-hypertensive.


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