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6 oz Organic Powdered Black Seeds Nigella Sativa


ingredients: 100% pure Organic Powdered Black Seeds(Nigella Sativa) sourced from India.
size: 8 ounces


Black Seeds or Nigella Sativa has hundreds of research articles on US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health wherein Human or animal trials where it has demonstrated anti-cancerous, as well as having powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Black seeds as a health panacea have been known in the Middle East and East Africa for thousands of years.

Black Seeds are better known for their oil extract for their acclaimed ability to eradicate cancers and other ailments. But the magic is not in the oil, it’s in the whole seed. The extracted oil has a synergetic relationship with the other compounds in the seed that are left behind when they extract the oil. So to use the oil alone, one is selling themselves short of the true health benefit of taking Black seeds.

These are the compounds extracted with the oil : Thymoquinone is (30%-48%) is its most popularly known compound, boasted by companies producing Black seed oil, thymohydroquinone, dithymoquinone, p-cymene (7%-15%), carvacrol (6%-12%), 4-terpineol (2%-7%), t-anethol (1%-4%), sesquiterpene longifolene (1%-8%) α-pinene and thymol.

These are some of the minerals, trace elements and compounds left behind the oil extraction process : nigellone, avenasterol-5-ene, avenasterol-7-ene, campesterol, citrostadienol, cycloeucalenol,, gramisterol, lophenol, obtusifoliol, stigmastanol, stigmasterol-7-ene, β-amyrin, butyro-spermol, cycloartenol, 24-methylene-cycloartanol, taraxerol and tirucallol, etc.

ingredients: 100% pure Organic Grounded Black Seeds(Nigella Sativa) sourced from India.
size: 2 ounces.

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