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Purify your Mind to create your Reality!

by Sean Martu
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Water is the most magical and incredible substance on the planet, and possibly the universe. All life originates from it and it’s the only substance that can exist in a solid, liquid to gaseous form. Whatever mold one puts on water, the water obliges and takes that shape. As demonstrated by Dr. Emoto in his book  The Hidden Messages in Water, water will change its microscopic crystalline form to reflect the words and emotions impresses upon it. Water can literally absorb anything, but incredibly it can purify itself from any contamination, and over time become as pure as it was in the beginning.

The ancients understood this about water, but they also knew that our conscious & subconscious mind has the same nature as water.

Whether you read more recent mythological creation epics like the bible or more ancient ones like Sumerian, Egyptian, or Hindu, they all have the same narrative. God(consciousness) in the beginning appeared out of the great waters(the mind), such as Atum appearing out of the waters of Nun or the God of the Bible moving on the face of the waters in Genesis.

What these mythologies are conveying is that the mind is a universal matrix that birthed all that we see and experience and its nature is identical to water.

There are many books and videos elucidating the powers of the mind and how to use them, whether it’s utilizing hermetic laws or basic self-improvement. But I personally haven’t seen any of them address purity of mind in relation to creating your reality.

What I am going to do is simplify this understanding using the reference point of water.

The first and most important concept to understand is that the mind like water in a pure state gives life to any and everything around it. A pure stream of running freshwater is teeming with life within it and along its shores. But if you dump commercial chemicals in it, most of the life within the waters dies upon contact and the life along the shores dies or becomes poisoned.

Teachings within India’s Upanishads, and Chinese Doaism, describe the mind, along with chi/qi/prana having this identical water-like nature.

A pure mind void of pollutants such as the vices of greed, anger, hate, and envy can create almost effortlessly. But an impure mind becomes poisonous and instead of giving life, steals the life of the individual. So by going through the process of purging oneself of these vices one’s mind again becomes pure and life-giving.

Negative past mental impressions(traumas, he did/she did this me, past experiences) is like throwing garbage and plastics into a river, they’re not as bad as chemical pollutants but it hinders the power of the mind nonetheless. So when I talk about a pure mind, I mean a mind that is as pure as the running waters gushing over waterfalls, a mind without the pollution of past(attachments) or future(worrying) impressions.

What we listen to, what we observe in life and watch on TV, and how we allow people to talk and “touch” us, all impress our minds just as much as we do with our own stimuli. We watch the news every day about violence and traffic, and we wonder why no matter what law enforcement strategies or road infrastructure improvements are undertaken it keeps getting worse. The reason being is what we focus on we expand, so when mass consciousness focuses on the news, the events on the news actually expands and proliferates. Basically, anything we allow through our senses of touch, hearing, smell, and sight has equal access to impress upon our mind unwanted realities, which our mind will then proceed to create in our lives.

I used to listen to death metal when I would do heavy resistance training at the gym, but I noticed more times than others after listening to this kind of music bad things would happen to me after I left the gym. Once I stopped listening to this type of music the random negative incidences ceded to transpire.

Typically whatever people are entertained by, they will see the same narrative play out in their lives. If you’re a woman who always watches soap operas of women in horrifying, broken relationships, I’m certain that the same story is playing out in your life. We do not realize that what we’re being entertained with is creating and modifying our experiences by impressing our minds through the senses.

Think about why so many corporations pay millions of dollars for seconds of SuperBowl ad-space.

Start watching shows and movies about love & romance, and start to see our minds create this in our lives.

Similarly, if we have friends where we give an ear to their constant complaining,  what we’re doing is allowing them to use our own minds against us to create in our reality what they are complaining about. Create a boundary with these people, and if they cannot respect it remove them from your life or suffer the consequences.

Some of us attract into our lives the same abusive or non-loving partners because we never let go of the previous negative relationships we experienced. If we do not release, let go and forgive those who have done us harm in the past, the attachment to these experiences will become a permanent impression on our subconscious mind which will cause a continual cycle of death and rebirth of these types of experiences in our lives.

When I say forgive, I am not talking about condoning what people have done to us that is negative, I’m talking about letting go of the past so we can soar into our future bliss.

If we study the Eightfold yoga system, known as Astanga yoga as elaborated in the Hatha Yoga Pradapika, all of the varying practices in the book lead to one goal, purity of mind & the power to focus it.

So when we purify our minds of all negative impressions, whether from past experiences, internal vices, or outer stimuli, by doing this the pure stream of our mind can give life to all of our desires and dreams, regardless of what techniques we use.



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