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Why you need to mix Raw Unprocessed Honey with Powdered Black Seeds

by Sean Martu
NIgella sativa

Many people have e-mailed me or commented on my Youtube channel asking me if they should add honey to their daily powdered black seeds regimen, and I’d always say it doesn’t matter or no. The main reason why they ask me this question is because it’s common among the people of North-East Africa and the Middle-East to consume the black seeds with raw honey.

In addition, there are quite a few PubMed articles where they have research articles testing honey and black seeds on varying diseases and chronic conditions with remarkable results.

So one day, well actually the whole week my spirit was perturbing me and I couldn’t get black seeds and honey out of my mind. I felt there was something more, something was missing from my understanding of black seeds. So I decided to do some research to see if there were any published health research articles proving if there was any difference between ingesting powdered black seeds or powdered black seeds combined with honey.

After googling for a while I finally found a couple of articles on PubMed that prove there is a synergistic relationship between honey and powdered nigella seeds that dramatically increased its disease-fighting and healing properties: 1st article, 2nd article. For example, in the articles where powdered black seeds on their own may have an 80% more or less protective or inhibiting ability becomes 100% when mixed with raw honey.

So I realized that the people in North East Africa and the Middle East or at the very least the people who first discovered the healing properties of black seeds knew that combining it with raw honey would create an unrivaled apparently unassailable healing mechanism.

Personally I’ve been taking powdered black seeds with raw honey and I can say with confidence that I feel totally different in comparison when ingesting powdered black seeds alone. I feel more healthy than I’ve ever felt in my adult life. I also have some friends on it who are fighting certain ailments, and when the ailments are defeated I’ll write an update article as well as a create youtube video.


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