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What are Smudge Sprays and how can they benefit you?

by Sean Martu

Smudging is a ceremonial practice of burning sacred plants and using the purity of the smoke to remove negative energy, elevate vibratory essence, and to dispel unwanted spirits or entities.

Depending on the culture there are many different modalities in removing negative energy from from person, place or thing. For instance in ancient Egypt and in present day Ethiopia the sound of a rattling a sistrum is believed to remove negative energy and evil spirits. In Jamaica, bathing or washing oneself in sacred herbs seeped in water is thought to rid the body of negative, and in some cases heal disease.

In many if not all First Nations cultures, the act of removing negative energy negative spiritual entities from your aura is done with the smoke of sacred herbs or resins, called Smudging.

Many religions such as Buddhist, Hindus, Catholics and many if not all animist belief systems practice smudging.

There are many different plants used for smudging, and the plant species used depends whats available in the region of  practice. In the Americas, the popular plants used are Palo Santo, White Sage, Cleary Sage, Cedar and Mugwort. In the Near East and Africa resins are more popular such as, Myrrh, Frankincense, and Benzoin. In Asia incense sticks made of varying aromatic plants, and sound bowls are very popular.

How can Smudging Positively effect me?

Smudging can change your life instantaneously, especially if you’re an empath. Smudging will remove negative energy and obstacles from your life that could be holding back or causing problems in your career, business and love etc. In some cases disease, especially mental diseases such as depression can be removed as these issues can sometimes can be caused by evil spirits or a build up of negative energy in the aura.

So what exactly is a Smudge Spray?

A smudge spray is essentially a spiritual bath in a spray bottle which functions like a smudging. It’s convenient because you don’t need a medicine man to do the cleansing, nor do you need to take extended time to do the spiritual bathe. All you need to do is spray around your body as if you were spraying yourself with perfume, and if it’s made correctly you should feel an immediate relief and cleansed feeling.

If you are an empath as I am, you need smudge spray with you at all times. It’s so easy to pick up others energy and thoughts. Anytime I sense something odd, or I leave the gym which I go to 5 times  week, the minute I get to my car I spray myself to remove all of the smog energy I was moving through in the gym.

There are so many uses for a smudge spray, it would be impossible to list them. But, before you go to a job interview, or on a date, or maybe you need the best energy possible to close a person to person business deal, then you should definitely have a smudge spray handy.

If you frequently get angry or have bouts of prolonged negative energy, you definitely need a smudge spray as if this energy is not removed, it will build up in your aura and cause greater issues in your life.

As a practicing Energy worker I have created a powerful smudge spray made with artesian water and very rare powerful plant extracts as essential oils. When I used to be a professional energy worker, I would use this spray not only on my clients, but after I cleansed spaces I would fumigate the area with this spray. You can purchase this spray on my website here.

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