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Why is South Florida not recording deaths during the Delta variant Scourge?

by Sean Martu
Delta variant

When the Delta variant of the coronavirus first started to spread in the southern states, Florida and Texas became and still are the epicenters of the virus. The Delta variant is apparently more infectious and dangerous than the previous covid variants.

When covid was first identified, I would periodically check the CDC stats for covid deaths and infection rates, the reason being, I noticed an interesting trend. I noticed that in Africa, or anywhere near the equator that the infection rates and death were very low.

At one point there were many Youtube videos and forum posts speculating that Africans could not get covid, which obviously is not true.

I also noticed that the more agrarian or “outdoorsy”, in particular “tribal”, these countries or societies were they had an incredibly lower infection & death rate. The more urban, or the more “western lifestyle” of spending most of the day within the confines of a building or covered mode of transportation, the more dire the infection and deaths rates were.

For instance, let’s look at Jamaica, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. All three countries are on the same 18° Latitude. But the main variance of these countries is in population, Jamaica has a population of about 3 million, Haiti 11 million, and the Dominican Republic 10 million.

But when you look at the covid data as of Sept 1st, 2021, it’s not homogenous, it actually doesn’t make any sense, unless you factor in the variables I mentioned above.

Covid-19 Data

Jamaica, population 2.9m, covid infections 68,131, covid deaths 1518.

The Dominican Republic, population 10m, infections 350,000, deaths 4008.

Haiti population 11m, infections 20,896, deaths 586.

When you look at these numbers, by percentage Jamaica is the worst, Dominican Republic second, and Haiti a distant 3rd. But why is this? Even scientists as of Dec 2020, were trying to figure out what was Haiti’s secret to having such low covid infection and death rates. Especially since across the border in the neighboring Dominican Republic with roughly the same population, the pandemic has killed almost ten times the number.

According to my theory, the reason is obvious, Haiti is a predominantly agrarian society with open markets. The Dominican Republic is a more urban and industrialized society, and Jamaica follows suit with the Dominican Republic but is probably a little more urban and industrialized.

All of these statistics lead to ultraviolet B light, the solar radiation that creates vitamin D within our skin. Not that I want to get into the details about this. But vitamin D is not a vitamin at all, it’s actually converted into a hormone within our body, and of its many uses within the body it modulates our genetic expression, such as our immune system, and it has a direct antiviral effect particular on enveloped viruses. I highly suggest you research the work of Dr. Holick on vitamin D, here is a very informative Youtube video on vitamin D done by Dr. Holick.

I have to add this one little tidbit before I continue, I am convinced that there is a worldwide conspiracy against vitamin D, because from my research if we had appropriate vitamin d levels, which is incredibly much more than what the Pharmaceutical Industry controlled federal agencies recommend, most infectious and chronic diseases would be eliminated. The Pharmaceutical Industry only wants us to be as healthy enough as to operate their machines and collect their money, so the rdi of vitamin D is only enough to avert rickets, but at much higher levels, diseases like cancer disappear.

Look at this graph, it shows that the higher the blood concentration of 25 Hydroxyvitamin D, the more diseases disappear.

This is why we have a flu season, it’s because ultraviolet light inactivates viruses and kills bacteria, meaning the sun will kill air-borne pathogens. But in the winter, north of the 33°, we receive no ultraviolet B light for the whole winter, until February, hence the flu season.

OK back to the topic, I have observed a worldwide trend of vitamin D status and covid infections and death, based on lifestyle and latitude.

This is why I think no one is dying or at the very least hardly anyone is dying in South Florida. Although people are still getting infected by the delta variant, all of the people dying are in north and central Florida, where ultraviolet light is waning in the fall months. Even though most people in South Florida do not go outside, mainly because it’s too hot out here, it’s like a sauna, we do have the benefit of year-round sun, meaning year-round ultraviolet light, and year-round sunlight to create vitamin D.

As of note, the darker you are, the longer you have to stay in the sun to create vitamin D. For instance Europeans only need to be in the sun for about 20 minutes to create 20,000 Iu’s of vitamin D, someone of a darker complexion would need to spend about 5 times the amount of time in the sun to create the same amount of vitamin D, as melanin is a natural sunblock.

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