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Stop blaming vaccinated deaths on the unvaccinated!

by Sean Martu

Today I came across this San Diego Times article ” COVID-19 deaths eclipse 700,000 in US as delta variant rages “, and I just had to shake my head. First, let me state this, I cannot consciously label covid 19 vaccines as vaccines. A vaccine is an inactivated or weakened virus that is inoculated into the individual to produce an immune response, thereby allowing your immune system to destroy the virus upon contact. These novel covid “vaccines” are not inactivated covid viruses nor are they weakened covid viruses, they are newly approved “experimental immune response injections” that tinker with your cells RNA. The “experts” claim that these mRNA vaccines cannot alter your DNA, but a recent MIT & Harvard study begs to differ.

With that being said, let’s continue with the incredulous propaganda propagated within this so-called news article.

First, the article says –

Tens of millions of Americans have refused to get vaccinated, allowing the highly contagious delta variant to tear through the country and send the death toll from 600,000 to 700,000 in 3 1/2 months

Then it goes on to say –

Dr. David Dowdy, an infectious disease epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health who has analyzed publicly reported state data, said it’s safe to say at least 70,000 of the last 100,000 deaths were in unvaccinated people. And of those vaccinated people who died with breakthrough infections, most caught the virus from an unvaccinated person, he said

Isn’t the purpose of being vaccinated to be protected from the acclaimed virus? How are you blaming unvaccinated people for infecting vaccinated people if the vaccine is supposed to protect them from the virus? Oh, I nearly forgot, if you go to the CDC’s website, they are very clear that the purpose of these novel experimental “vaccines” is to lessen the more serious symptoms and also to lessen the chance of a vaccinated individual from being hospitalized or experiencing death because they were infected with covid.

Why does Dr. Dowdy say, “it’s safe to say”? Just read the statistics. Is Dr. Dowdy perusing the covid death statistics and estimating how many of the vaccinated among the dead? Doe’s Dr. Dowdy not want to reveal the “real” statistics of the vaccinated deaths? Is this why he has the need to say, ” it’s safe to say at least”?

He said,” And of those vaccinated people who died with breakthrough infections, most caught the virus from an unvaccinated person”. How do you know this? Are all the covid vaccinated people walking about with Covid 19 testing kits and randomly testing people they suspect of having covid? Then taking notes of their name and gender to record exactly by whom and when they were infected?

The CDC recently changed its rules as to what constitutes being vaccinated, so don’t forget the CDC can classify you as unvaccinated even if you’ve been vaccinated.

Then it says –

“If we had been more effective in our vaccination, then I think it’s fair to say, we could have prevented 90% of those deaths,” since mid-June, Dowdy said.

This is theoretically possible if these novel experimental vaccines being forced on the population actually did what the Bio-medical industry says they’re supposed to do.

Yet again –

But just as vaccinations opened up to his age group, the U.S. recommended a pause in use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to investigate reports of rare but potentially dangerous blood clots. The news frightened him, as did information swirling online that the vaccine could harm fertility, though medical experts say there’s no biological reason the shots would affect fertility.

That’s odd, the article says, “medical experts say there’s no biological reason the shots would affect fertility“? Then why has The National Institutes of Health recently announced a $1.67 million study to investigate reports that suggest the COVID-19 vaccine may come with an unexpected impact on reproductive health.

Let me end with this, the Bio-medical industry by way of their corporate-appointed henchmen who control these non-elected governing bodies like the FDA and the CDC to force these “experimental immune response injections” that they’re labeling as vaccines on the masses. If you follow the VAERS statistics and the EudraVigilance for Europe, thousands upon thousands of Americans and Europeans are dying from these novel vaccines, and hundreds of thousands are experiencing serious adverse reactions to them.

It also doesn’t help that Social media platforms are censoring and suppressing (deleting posts & accounts) of anyone posting adverse effects of these vaccines or presenting a differing narrative.

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