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How I cured my Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylitis) without surgery

by Sean Martu

I remember when I first noticed the tenderness and pain in my right elbow area, I had no idea what it was and It was really annoying. When I sleep, I lie adjacent to a wall, and the minute any area of my elbow touched the wall I felt like I was being electrocuted. In fact, if I was walking and my elbow happened to bounce against anything I felt a sharp pain. It didn’t really bother me that much without anything “touching” my elbow. Being my own doctor, I started to search the internet for the symptoms I was experiencing, but I didn’t find anything that resembled my condition.

So I thought I would just try some random remedies and see what would happen.

First, I tried was diatomaceous earth, I thought this would work as it rebuilds bones and ligaments, but it didn’t help. See my article “Everything you need to know about Diatomaceous Earth“. I was already taking whole complex vitamin c, but I upped my dosage, but that didn’t bear any fruit either. See my article “Why Ascorbic acid is not Vitamin C“.

So I just gave up looking, but that doesn’t mean I gave up. Anytime I cannot find a remedy for an ailment I go inside my mind, inside my spirit, I then ask for, see and feel myself with the remedy in my mind’s eye, and then I wait. Typically within a short period of time, I will be lead by some means of synchronicity to reveal to me what I am searching for.

Fast forward about 3 months or so later, I was and am still doing continuous research on vitamin d, and I happened to be listening to a youtube video of this vitamin d researcher Jeff T Bowles. He was talking about the research articles he had studied about vitamin d and also his self-experimentation using high-dosage vitamin d. While I was listening he mentioned tennis elbow. The minute I heard him say “tennis elbow”, I immediately started searching for the symptoms of it, and I said, “aha, this is indeed the condition I had been suffering from for months.”

Jeff T Bowles vitamin d dosage recommendations are way above the recommended daily amount. But through further research, I found out that we need way more and I do mean way more than the recommended daily amount. Some of the Vitamin D experts I studied to come to my conclusions of dosage and necessary co-factors are Dr. Holick and Dr. Somerville, both of which are authors and have a plethora of useful data and research on vitamin d.

So what did I do?

For the first week, I started with taking 10,000 IU’s of Dr’s Best vitamin d a day with my normal intake of 400 mg of Drs Best magnesium glycinate, and one 50mg of Now Brand zinc gluconate. I then upped it to 20,000 IU’s a day, and a few days after that I upped it again to 30,000 IU’s a day, and I’ve been on that ever since.

After about 2 months of taking 30,000 IU’s a day, I noticed one day while at the gym that I had no pain in my elbow. Ever since I developed this condition it would always act up when I would be weight training. When I arrived home later in the evening, I could move touch and hit my elbow and the surrounding tissue with no pain or tenderness. All of this happened within the time reference Jeff T Bowles had elucidated on his youtube video.

As of note, according to my research, vitamin d becomes therapeutic when our 25 hydroxyvitamin d levels are at least 80 ng/ml.

What about vitamin d toxicity?

The pharmaceutical industry doe’s not want us to be healthy, and they definitely do not want us to know about the miracle of the sun and how our skin produces vitamin d from it. Vitamin d toxicity is a myth, and in reality, you cannot get vitamin d toxicity until your blood levels of  25 hydroxyvitamin d is around 350 ng/ml. To get to that level you’d have to be ingesting incredible amounts of vitamin d for months and months.

Are any cofactors needed?

Yes, indeed there are, you have to take a bioavailable magnesium supplement. As I stated above I chose to take Drs Best Magnesium glycinate. Vitamin d will only go as far as there is magnesium in your body. See it as the fuel, once it burns out the car stops moving and vitamin d is the car. Under no circumstances buy magnesium oxide, it is the cheapest and has little to no bioavailability in the body, and most magnesium supplements are compromised of it. I strongly advise you to read my article ” Magnesium: The Miracle Mineral“. In this article, I explain what magnesium doe’s in the body, and which types to buy and which types to avoid.

I also took one 50mg Now brand zinc gluconate supplement. The reason why this is important is every cell in your body has a VDR, a vitamin d receptor. The VDR binds zinc, and a zinc deficiency means less vitamin D in the blood getting to your tissues.

Most people take a K2 vitamin supplement, I did in the beginning, but found it to be unnecessary, it’s really used as a precautionary measure for Vitamin d toxicity.


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