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Unconditional love is the key to romantic relationships

by Sean Martu
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Many of us have been programmed  from birth through conditioning, imagery and peers that our life long ambition is to seek out our better half, which upon finding we’ll reap the elusive treasure of  life long love and happiness .

Contrary to this Cinderella like ending most relationships in our time are far from this idealistic fantasy and have been relegated to vampirical co-dependencies, not only with other humans but also animals.  Meaning people are knowingly or unknowingly operating as “psychic vampires,” or “energy vampires”  which is basically a person who extracts and thrives of off the energy from others in order to survive in their world.

We believe we must quest for love and happiness outside of ourselves because we are victim of the illusion of separation from the universe. The illusion of separation fathers many fiends such as fear, attachment and anger.

No matter what you believe if you cannot find happiness in oneself, you won’t find it in someone else. As long as self love is allusive, you’ll never find it in someone else. You will only become a deep dark pit that can never truly be filled by anything or anyone.

Self love begins by treating yourself the way you want someone to treat your child, your mother or your pet etc.

We are the universe experiencing our creation collectively, unconditional love is the universal energy which links us all together from the stars to people to the plants etc. Being we are a part of the universe our true nature is also unconditional love, love is within us and all around us, it flows in and out of all things.

The notion that we must seek our better half, is to deny our true universal nature. Irrespective of what we would like to be, we cannot deny who and what we are, our true nature within the cosmos. As long as we continue to be victims of this false belief of separation we are never going to find true love and happiness.

Once we acknowledge who and what we are and allow our true nature of unconditional love and joy to radiate from within us, then we will be on the path of being whole again.

Let go of the past, release your life lessons, purify your cognitive senses from absorbing negativity. Go out in to nature marvel at the night sky and your natural surroundings, feel gratitude and joy for life itself. By doing so the radiance of unconditional love will start to radiate from inside out.

Unconditional love will create wholeness within you, which is the key to a life of bliss. Once you radiate this frequency other whole beings who are also whole will be attracted into your life. Two whole beings radiating love will be like two orbiting stars in the night sky, shinning upon each other, serving and loving each other unconditionally without attachment in palatial bliss.







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