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Update: 2 Years of Ingesting Diatomaceous Earth, So what happened?

by Sean Martu
diatomaceous earth

During my lifetime Diatomaceous earth is definitely one of the most intriguing, health-restoring natural substances I’ve ever encountered. Over these two years, I’ve learned a lot about diatomaceous earth on what it does and does not do from observing my own health transformation as well as my friends, and Youtube followers.

So let’s go back to the basics for those who have no idea what I’m talking about.

What is diatomaceous earth?

It’s made from the fossilized remains of tiny, aquatic organisms called diatoms. Their skeletons are made of a natural substance called silica. Over a long period of time, diatoms accumulated in the sediment of rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans.

See my article: ” My first two weeks ingesting Diatomaceous earth“.

See my article: ” Update: 4 Months of ingesting Diatomaceous earth, so what Happened?“.

What does it do?

Basically, it removes parasites, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and toxins from your gut, colon, and intestines, while also proving much-needed Silica to the body. As Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut”, Diatomaceous Earth brings an incredulous level of hemostasis in the gut, intestines, and colon, which then develops an almost unlimited cascading of health benefits and regeneration. Of the many testimonies I’ve heard from my Youtube followers, or Blog followers this one really amazed me, a 70 plus year-old reported his hair gradually turning back blonde from ingesting Diatomaceous earth.

According to this article on PubMed “The chemistry of silica and its potential health benefits“.

 Orthosilicic acid is the form predominantly absorbed by humans and is found in numerous tissues including bone, tendons, aorta, liver and kidney. Compelling data suggest that silica is essential for health although no RDI has been established. However, deficiency induces deformities in skull and peripheral bones, poorly formed joints, reduced contents of cartilage, collagen, and disruption of mineral balance in the femur and vertebrae.

By the way, Orthosilicic acid is a natural substance found in seafood, seawater, vegetables, whole grains, and certain beverages, including beer. Sometimes referred to as soluble silica, Orthosilicic acid is a dietary form of silicon, a mineral involved in the formation of collagen and bone.

After prodding on the above-mentioned, it makes so much sense that some of my youtube followers have reported their osteoarthritis and other forms of arthritis disappearing after using my Diatomaceous earth.

What’s also intriguing is Silica aka Silicon used to be the most abundant mineral found in the Earth’s crust until we started industrialization and over-processing crops and polluting soils with pesticides.  It is found in our bones, teeth, cartilage, tendons, nails, capillaries, and connective tissues where it provides strength and stability to collagen. It’s basically the glue that holds everything together. When we were babies, we had huge amounts of stored silica, but after we reach 21 years of age our stores begin to deplete at a rate of around 1% per year, our collagen production also reduces.

Calcium is completely useless in the body without silica and this is because silica is needed to carry calcium into vital body structures like the bones, don’t forget about vitamin d. Along with whole complex vitamin C, specific amino acids and glycosaminoglycans or GAG’s, silica boosts collagen production improving our firmness, tone, and skin elasticity.

What have I learned over these two years?

Well, the first thing I will say is, the candida diet is ridiculous and unnecessary. I had a real bad case of candida overgrowth, I believe I developed it from successive uses of anti-biotics. But after trying many different remedies, Diatomaceous Earth rid me of candida within a short period of time. But I learned from this experience is when you remove parasites, candida, and bad bacteria from your intestines, you have to replenish your intestines with good bacteria or you’ll have digestion issues. The reason being is the overgrowth of bad bacteria in a perverse symbiotic relationship was actually helping you to digest your food, so when you remove them, the good intestinal flora which the candida removed is no longer there to break down your food. So it’s pertinent that we replenish our intestinal flora with probiotics when we remove the candida with Diatomaceous Earth.

I learned that not all Diatomaceous earth is created equal, some brands out there are over polluted with iron and sediment, others do not have the negative charge, and some Diatomaceous earth brands do not have the important cylindrical shape. I would highly advise you to read the article below and I go into great depths about the different qualities of diatomaceous earth, and the implications of ingesting low-quality Diatomaceous earth. See my article:  “Everything you need to know about Diatomaceous earth“.

The ancient statement “All disease begins in the gut”, I believe to be true, because some of the anecdotal testimonies I have read and received from my readers and youtube followers defies logic. From stage 4 skin cancer and colon cancer disappearing within weeks of usage, improving eyesight, allergies disappearing, all from ingesting Diatomaceous Earth.

I believe from my observation that clearing out the gut, intestines, and colon from heavy metals, parasites, and candida is the genesis of all Health. What many people do not realize is parasites and Candida overgrowth can block the absorption of herbal medicine, vitamins, and minerals in your small intestine, so removing them is imperative to not only maintaining nutritional homeostasis but ingesting herbal medicine to heal your body.

In my view, any negative health condition should start with Food Grade Diatomaceous earth.

You can get my Food Grade Fresh Water Diatomaceous Earth from my website here in 12oz bags or here for 1 lb bags.



Necessary internet disclaimer: All information and resources found on Nothingsincurable.com are based on the opinions of the author unless otherwise noted. I am not a doctor nor do I have any medical training, all information is intended to motivate readers to make their own nutrition and health decisions after consulting with their health care provider. The author of this site encourages you to consult a doctor before making any health changes, especially any changes related to a specific diagnosis or condition.






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Melanie May 15, 2022 - 8:33 pm

I have extremely bad Candida. 2 questions:
1. Do you recommend taking 2 TBSP diatomaceous earth daily and forever?
2. If so, when would I add the probiotics back into my daily regimen? Or would I just continue to take them from the beginning, the day I first start taking diatomaceous earth?

Sean Martu
Sean Martu October 24, 2023 - 2:52 am

Take it until the candida symptoms are gone. Some people take it taily forever but at smaller amounts. I say take it a few days every month or every other month. Add probiotics after the herx response.

Guadalupe Garza May 18, 2023 - 5:07 am

What is the answer to the question above from Melanie

Sara October 24, 2023 - 2:49 am

I’d like to know the answer to Melanie’s question as well!

Brandon January 5, 2024 - 2:41 pm

Hi Sean,
After cleansing what type of probiotics do we take or what is recommended daily probiotics to complete cleansing.


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