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Weed out negative people to let your life’s garden blossom

by Sean Martu
energy vampires

You know if you want to plant a new seed or grow an existing plant or garden, you have to remove all the weeds. If you don’t, the growth of a plant can be stunted, become diseased, and can possibly die. But the weeds that negatively affect us are in the form of people, places, and things.

The problem is we have people who are just like weeds in our lives, they have the very same effect on us that weeds have on plants. Through varying means, these weeds suck the life energy out of us, and in other cases, they divert the energy meant for us for themselves.

Many people in the world are wondering why their life is in shambles, or why they feel stagnated in their career or business, they ask, “why do I keep losing money”, or why can’t I find a good healthy relationship. Some even have chronic ailments that no form of nutrition or medicine can remedy.

What most people are unaware of is that energy weeds more commonly known as energy vampires such as negative people, people harboring trauma, people of dark & low aura vibration have a tremendous negative effect on your life if they have an energetic connection with you.

Types of energy weeds

The negative people are obvious, they’re always complaining about something, and/or talking about every negative thing under the sun, they do this to break down your aura so they can stick their black tentacles in you. The people harboring trauma are more difficult to identify, being many people of this state can have an outer demeanor of smiles and fake happiness. These ones are dangerous because they suck out your life energy without your knowledge, kind of like the person who quietly flatulates in the elevator. The only way to identify these types is to be aware of how you feel around them, and if negative events start to flourish in your life.

People of dark & low aura vibration, these types love to manipulate your compassion, they love to appear helpless and always try to appear as the victim.

I would also like to include Facebook and Instagram, or social media in general as energy weeds.

If anyone of the above-mentioned people is a part of your daily life, you could be having serious issues in your financial life, psychological state, or love & career.

Every new seed, meaning a new venture you start in your life will be stifled by these energy weeds. Nothing you attempt to do will prosper until you remove the weeds.

Worse, many people are in bed, dating, or married to these very beings.

How do weeds negatively affect one’s life?

All living animate and inanimate things have what is called an aura. This aura is the radiance of the life force known as prana and qi which gives life to all living things. It is this very energy that acupuncturists manipulate using the meridian points to bring health to the body. But prana/qi just doesn’t just give life to your inner being, it’s also connected to and gives life to everything that is an extension of your mind, such as your ambitions, work, money, and social life.

We gain this energy through our foods, breathing, grounding our bare feet to earth, from the sun, and also from our awareness, as our awareness is the expression of God-force.

So when we allow energy weeds into our lives, especially on a daily basis, we will see a dramatic shift for the worse in not only our inner-verse but as well as everything connected to our daily lives in the outer-verse.

My personal experiences?

For most of my adult life, I’ve had problems with energy weeds. They didn’t have to be next to me, as they can suck the life force out of me through the phone, so distance was not a factor.

Once I had gone to Europe for a month, and I had no contact with the energy weeds in my life. I used to have chronic stomach and digestive issues, but they disappeared when I was in Europe, even though I was eating out three times a day. I also had a problem with getting up in the morning. But when I was in Europe, I was getting up at 8 am or earlier every day no matter how late I went to bed, and I woke up with lots of energy.

This just didn’t happen with Europe, it happened when I would go to Jamaica for a couple of weeks, or when I went to Ghana for a month, and it happened when I was yearly going to business in China.

At that time when I went to Europe, I had this one powerful energy weed in my life, and I noticed every time I left the country for a period of time, this individual’s life would literally fall apart, especially their finances. So I would regain my health while gone, but this individual would lose their financial health when I was gone.

Speaking of money, for years I could not hold on to money, but as I stated I’ve had issues with energy weeds for most of my life.

When I had returned from Europe, I had this strong intuition not to go around this particular energy weed. When I told this individual this on the phone, they became enraged, and I immediately experienced Heart arrhythmia and I quickly hung up the phone. When I looked down at my chest I saw a patch of white hair that was not there before.

So what happened was this individual sucked so much prana chi out of me on the phone when becoming enraged, it turned my chest hairs white.


Many years later, other energy weeds were still intertwined in my life. I started to notice when I would talk to certain people on the phone, or even if I was around them I would feel weak as if I were dehydrated. This one particular individual I would only talk to for a minute or less on the phone, I would become do drained I would have to take a 30-minute nap.

There is a girl that I’ve known for years, and I noticed that every time I talked to her on the phone, my finances would become negatively affected. At first, I thought I was imagining things, but I experimented with her, and every time I did not talk to her my finances would be fluid and constant. But the minute I talked to her for at least 20 minutes my fiances would take a dive.

I had this one friend who ended up being the worse energy weed I think I ever encountered. I’ve known this dude for years, but recently when I would talk to this dude on the phone I would feel like I was dying, I would feel very weak, but I also felt the presence of some kind of negative parasite entities, like I was being attacked.

Being we had many things in common in terms of subject matter, I somewhat tolerated this dude. But what I ended up doing was I stopped answering the phone, assuming that texting and voice texting would cut off the vampire and the attacks. But that didn’t work, I could feel the same sensations through texting and voice texts, so I eventually just cut off all contact.

Enlightening sabbatical

A good friend of mine, one who was not actually an energy weed, disappeared out of my life. She is someone I’ve known for years, she just stopped answering my calls or texts from around the fall of 2020. Since I’ve known her, she has always been struggling in her finances, social life, and love life.

Fast forward about 8 months later, she starts texting me out of the blue. I didn’t know what to make of it, but she told me she just stopped communicating with everyone, which obviously included me.

But what makes this story so intriguing is since she stopped communicating with everyone she now bought a new house, had a new SUV, and she was now having the sex/relationships she has so long desired. I immediately realized it was because she cut off all of the energy weed ties as to why all of this happened. Incredibly, she now just starts talking about things she wants, or whatever she focuses on pops into her life very quickly.


I really started to think about many things after seeing her results, and I realized that all self-made people, I mean millionaires and billionaires didn’t have social circles unless they were people who were going in the same trajectory. I looked at the people that I grew up with, and other people I observed throughout my life, and could clearly see the bigger the social circle, the more problems and stuck in life people were. But the nerds who had very little social life typically became really successful in life.

I even thought about the Eight Immortals of Daoism and the ancient Yogis, they would live in solitude in nature and meditate to build their inner prana/qi, which eventually revealed to them the true knowledge and power of their higher selves.

I’m not advocating becoming an urban hermit or escaping to coastal Italy to eat clementines every day and meditate, even though that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. But, I do think everyone who is not where they think they should be in health, career, or love, etc, should do what my friend did, and take a sabbatical from everyone possible, and by doing this all of your qi/prana will stop leaking from your aura. Then the prana/qi begins to build up in your aura thereby nurturing your body and mind, while also creating and manifesting what you focus on.

I have started my sabbatical, and I have noticed a huge positive difference in every aspect of my life. I’ve also noticed that things that I’ve been focusing on have been coming to fruition.

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