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Women must awaken and save the world

by Sean Martu
women rising

I’ve had writer’s block on this article on women for a couple of weeks. I’ve been trying to find a way to approach this subject in a balanced and inclusive way. I decided I’m just going to write, I’m not going to think about it, but just allow the knowledge to flow effortlessly.

Well, here it goes!

For thousands of years, the dark ones have waged a war against women. With the rise of Roman Catholicism and Islam,  women who were the seers, healers, and prophetesses were slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands. The ancient knowledge and traditions were obliterated, and what survived in written forms became the fuel bonfires. Those women who survived became the possessions men, their beauty hidden under veils, they became second class citizens in a new religious order. They were denied education, their gender became synonymous with evil & sin and their sexuality demonized. Marriage was devised and designed as a means to own and control women, to restrict them to the kitchen and continual child rearing.

Women became Lilith the whore of all darkness, and Eve became the one who leads man into sin. The Church even transformed Mary Magdalene from a pious spiritual woman into a prostitute. The invention and use of the words whore or slut became commonplace for any woman who did not stay in her place. But these words were invented to emotionally & spiritually enslave women with shame and guilt.

What I really found intriguing were the claims of some spirit channellers in regards to the fall of the fabled Atlantis, according to them it was spiritually & mentally advanced women who were countering the dark energy in Atlantis before its destruction. The Salem witch trials in recent American history were a farce. These women were not conjurers of Satan & dark sorcery, they were women who merely kept the old spiritual traditions alive living in balance with nature, ultimately they were burned alive for using their power to counter the dark energy of the first settlers.

But today is a new age a new earth vibration, we’re in a time of great awakening, a great purification of the earth is taking place, the dark veil persecuting women is rapidly losing its world grip.

The earth itself is increasing its vibratory rate, which in turn is affecting all living things. Its high vibration is awakening & liberating humanity while also purging itself of the dark energy of bondage and mind control created by the dark ones. The re-emergence and awakening of woman is a part of this energetic renaissance.

The present auric vibration of the earth is perfect for the healing and nurturing of women. To spur them to retake their true position in the world and to bring balance back to the physical and spiritual earth. Now is the time for women to heal their bodies and mind with pure water,  pure foods, and self-knowledge, to shed all the lies and programmings of the dark ones and to re-awaken the light of the supreme self from within.

Women are rising, not just in the fields of education, commerce, and government, but also in the golden age of spirituality. Literally, all of the authors and youtube personalities elucidating liberating spiritual knowledge & earth conservation are women. For whatever reason males seem to be more susceptible to the dark forces and are more lodged in the lower vibratory energies, as demonstrated by earth history.

If humanity is going to survive the cleansing of the earth and the earth shifting into higher vibrations, from my perspective and observation, women need to take hold of the reigns of earth society for a time. Women leaders must rise to heal the earth and to return humanity to live in tune with the earth. If we do not reverse all of the perversions of the dark ones such as nuclear energy & waste, abuse of living creatures & life, pollution, religions, control, fossil fuels, GMO’s and war etc, we will eventually become an archaic narrative like the dinosaurs of past.

Don’t misperceive what I am stating, for humanity even to survive, we need a balance between the genders, a yin yang equality. But for that to be possible males need to be reformed or a new breed of male must rise, but for the time being humanity needs the divine feminine to lead us into the coming golden age.







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