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Wood Lock Oil, miracle cure for back and muscle pain!

by Sean Martu

Years ago I had pulled a muscle in my leg and it was so terrible it was pinching a nerve causing an unbearable burning sensation from my hip down to my ankle. I had no idea what to do and there was no way in hell I was going to use Aleve. Why? All you need to do is read the potential side-effects.

  • kidney failure
  • internal bleeding
  • stroke
  • internal bleeding & ulceration

I was in a bind because I didn’t sleep the first night I received the injury because the burning sensation was unbearable, notwithstanding the general pain associated with the muscle injury. Luckily, I was telling a friend of mine in Los Angeles about my quagmire and she informed me about this little known Chinese medicated balm called “Wood Lock Oil“, she said the oil had healed her numerous muscle injuries and prior back pain.

So the same day I went to a local  Chinese acupuncturist to find the Wood Lock Oil and thank God they actually had it in stock. When I arrived home I immediately applied the oil and felt a deep heat sensation in my leg, the directions said only to apply a few drops and rub it in the muscle with a circular motion. Most importantly my friend, as well as the directions, emphasized that you must wash your hands thoroughly after application because if you mistakenly put a finger in your eye, trust me you will be in the ER crying lol.

Recently a  dude who works for my mechanic was in and out of the doctor’s office and the hospital for extreme back pain. He even considered changing careers because he couldn’t do the daily mechanic work with the excruciating pain his back was giving him. I told him about the oil, and he bought it the same day and he told me his wife applied it on his back, and since then he has had absolutely no back issues what so ever.

This oil can truly save you from chronic pain and potential operations, it’s definitely worth its weight in gold.

Where to get it?

Unfortunately, this product actually works too good because now there are issues with fake Wood Lock oil on the market, and the distributor Solstice Medicine Company no longer distributes the oil. I called them and they told me there was some issue with importing the oil into the US? Makes sense if that is true because it works too well, and it will save people from unnecessary operations and it will save people money as they will stop buying all that crap at the drug store.

There are quite a few listings of Wood Lock Oil on Amazon.com,  some of the bad reviews identifying the oil as a knock off, stating the knock offs have a weird odor and are extremely diluted. I’ve never bought my oil off of Amazon only at local Chinese herbalist stores, but this one Amazon seller seems to have the authentic oil here.

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